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Smartair Card Access Control – a simple affordable step up from keys

Smartair is a wireless access system you can trust at a price you can afford

  • Quick and easy installation
  • No cabling required
  • Adapts to all existing door systems
  • Simple to manage

If you are looking to secure your business premises with a rock-solid access control system, which uses state-of-the-art keyless technology, is easy to install and manage, and is cost effective – the solution is Smartair. It’s a quantum leap forward from mechanical locks and keys, or cabled online access systems. Users simply swipe their card and gain access. Smartair is 100% wireless. It’s easy to install and will fit any type of existing door system – from single doors up to large, sophisticated entry systems. It easily adapts to all kinds of organisations across all industries.

Smartair Stand Alone entry level system for up to 50 users


Smartair Stand Alone access control system is the answer to secure from 1-10 doors and allow card access for  authorised people to pass through the door.

  • Smartair Stand Alone uses a programming card allowing you to quickly and easily add and delete user cards, with no computer needed.
  • No 230v power is required at the door as the lock is battery powered and will operate for around 2 years before the batteries need changing, which you can do your self.
  • You have free access from the building by the internal handle so there is no IQP issues or connection to your fire alarm necessary.
  • The lock is available in a several variations including internal and external models either with or without key override function.

Smartair Update On Card– Now you know who goes where, when


The benefit of Smartair Update on Card is that it has a central Management Software system to tell you who goes where, but no cabling at all between any of the doors . This make for a quick, easy and cost effective installation. Smartair offers a large number of features including;

  • Being able to restrict the card access users access at the door to a specific number of times and days of the week
  • The ability to unlock automatically during certain hours for free access.
  • An audit trail where the lock records who has opened which door and when that happened.
  • Each level of the software can be upgraded to the next level so if it is cost effective to start off with a small 3-4  door system then the doors and the software can expand as the system grows.

Smartair Wireless – Real time information when you need it

software_screenshot_rgbSmartair Wireless is  Smartair’s top of the range access control system.

  • It allows real time monitoring of all wireless locks and the ability to make instant changes to door functions and access rights.
  • The wireless lock also provide real time audit information from the door back to the PC and there is the ability to remotely release any wireless escutcheon from within the Smartair software.
  • Up to 30 wireless locks can communicate through a single wireless hub. The system can be expanded using as many hubs as required to achieve the specification.
  • Some doors may not require the features that the wireless system offers and the ability to mix and match technology in a Smartair system is integral to the flexibility of the product.

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