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Home Security

Now you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world via your Smartphone – with Agility 3

Agility 3 is a state-of-the-art wireless alarm system designed for homes (and small businesses), operated remotely by a Smartphone app

  • Get immediate alerts of suspicious activity
  • Pictures sent direct to your phone
  • Infra-red cameras can see day and night
  • Two-way communication

Simple, cost-effective security for greater peace of mind

Allround SecurityWith the Agility home security system you can find out what’s going on, the minute it happens. You don’t need to wait until the security company calls you, or hope one of your neighbours will come out if your alarm goes off.

Agility uses advanced motion detectors with integrated cameras, placed throughout your home. These can detect and take pictures of any suspicious activity. You will be alerted via a text message and the system will also send pictures to your phone (or iPad, tablet or computer) via a cloud-based server.

If it’s a false alarm, you will know immediately and won’t have to waste people’s time.

If you verify there is an intruder, you can immediately dial 111 and call the Police. (This is a huge advantage over conventional alarms because police won’t respond to alarms until they know what caused it.)

All images are stored in the cloud, so if you lose your phone the pictures can be retrieved.

Wireless detectors

Agility 3The Agility system has a range of wireless detectors for doors and windows, as well as gas and flood detectors. Sensors detect motion within 12 metres, for full room coverage and they are in corners for maximum range.

Sensors provide 90 degrees of horizontal protection and 45 degrees looking down.

The system can connect up to 32 detectors, with eight being cameras. You can choose to secure only certain areas whilst others can be left disarmed.

The Smartphone app allows you to arm and disarm the system, activate home automation, bypass detectors, view the system status and history and much more.

Agility is battery-powered – and batteries last about three years.

Two-way communication for extra security

Another ground-breaking feature of Agility is a two-way communication option. This means you can listen into your home and also speak via the alarm system to whoever is on site. It’s a first in terms of talking directly to the intruder and telling them security is on the way.

Save time and money by “self monitoring” your alarms

home securityWith Agility there’s no need to pay an ongoing fee to a company to monitor the alarms, so you save money every month. (There’s also an option where we will professionally monitor your alarm for you, on a pay-as-you-go basis – with no minimum contract.)

Holiday home security

Agility is perfect for securing your holiday home. All the normal monitoring options are available through the standard phone and internet systems, and there’s a SIM card option for remote areas with no phone or internet.

Agility is the holiday home security system you’ve been waiting for – it confirms what the issue is, reduces unnecessary costs and gives you confidence your property is secure.

Pet friendly

Dogs and cats under 36kg won’t trigger the alarm when you’re away. We’ve designed the sensor to be less sensitive to motion close to the ground. For larger pets, you can ask us to design a custom placement.

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