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Bosch Alarm SystemEvery business is different, and the Bosch Solution 144 can adapt to any requirements. It is capable of providing simple cost effective solutions for mid-sized businesses, yet is powerful enough to handle 144 zones (detection devices), and even up to 16 access doors when fully expanded for large applications.

Reliable protection need not cost a fortune

Business Warehouse Security - Bosch Alarm System
The Bosch Solution 144 has the ability to cater for up to 256 users, providing a perfect fit for most business users. With programmable authority levels, you determine which functions each staff member can perform: simple operations such as turning the system on and off, or accessing restricted areas. Customised security has never been so simple.


Integrated Access Control

Bosch Access ControlWith up to16 access doors or proximity readers, the Bosch Solution 144 is ideal for mid-sized commercial installations. Compatible proximity readers incorporate entry/exit and lock control built-in, which reduces cost and simplifies installation.

Comprehensive access control features including Holidays, Date / Time and Day of the Week Schedules allow you to easily manage your employee access and the arm/disarm functions of the security system. Up to 16 time zones can be set up, with each containing up to 4 time periods. Time zones can be used to automatically arm/disarm your security system at specific times, like automatically locking a reception door at 5pm, as well as controlling user access to doors such as the warehouse after 4pm, or to automatically control outputs, like gates that close automatically at 5.30pm.

Protecting Your Assets

Bosch Alarm SystemThe Bosch Solution 144 provides the flexibility to divide your alarm system into a number of separately controllable areas including a common area. This can be a reception area, hallway, or an underground carpark.

It provides the flexibility for your staff to arm and disarm the areas that they have been given access to, without affecting other areas of your business. For your convenience the Bosch Solution 144 can be configured to use a single key pad for all areas, or individual key pads for each area.


With up to 144 zones that can be divided into 8 separately controlled areas the  programmable zones can support sensors fitted to doors and windows, motion sensors and smoke detectors. When events are detected, the Solution 144 can sound sirens, transmit events to your monitoring service provider and activate lights, providing security you can rely on 24 hours a day.

Business Security Alarm SystemYour Bosch Solution 144 can store up to 1000 events ie. arm/ disarm functions and door access reports for each user, which can be viewed from the keypad by the master user. This way you can monitor the movements of your staff daily if required.

It can also cater for all your building automation requirements, including lighting, air conditioning, irrigation – just about anything that is controlled via a switch and can be programmed

Easy Remote Arming

The Bosch Solution 144 can be programmed to use a keypad or a wireless remote that easily fits onto your keyring. These small remote controls allow you to arm and disarm your business premises by simply pressing one button. The wireless remote can also be used to set the system in STAY mode, act as a portable panic button, and can even be used to switch lights and open factory gates & doors.

24 Hour Protection

Commercial Build Security SolutionThe Bosch Solution 144’s chime mode allows you to audibly monitor a zone or group of zones, such as business entry doors for customer entry during business hours or entry into storage areas while your system is disarmed. The chime mode feature is extremely useful for monitoring driveways and fire doors too .


The Bosch Solution 144 offers you a wide choice of features and options, which coupled with the vast range of accessories available from Bosch   ensures a system can be designed to suit your specific needs.

Whether your office space is large or small, All Round Security has a solution for you.

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