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Business security brings many challenges to be considered. We may immediately think of night time break ins but what about daytime walk in theft, customer theft, employee issues and shrinkage? These are just a few areas you can’t keep an eye on all the time and they can distract you from getting on with the important focus of running your business.

Protect Your Business
and Monitor Productivity

Productivity Monitoring - Commercial SystemWith a commercial security system you can protect your business and also look after areas like productivity, health and safety and customer service while also giving you a resource for training. A well designed commercial security system has many benefits. Remember, you can’t always be at work so what happens when you’re out at a meeting or on holiday? Does everything stop, or can you be assured that your business is running smoothly when you’re away?

There are a range of electronic security measure that can help you in protecting your business and even possibly improve productivity and profitability.

Todays security alarms are very advanced and importantly, easy to use. They can be wireless which offers a speedy installation and less disruption to your business and can send you important information to your Smartphone so you know exactly what’s going on as it happens.

Have a Business Security Plan

Your business can be split into areas which gives you the benefit of allowing the warehouse to be opened but keeping the offices secure. You can also track the individuals that arm and disarm your security system and also at what time this occurred.  That can be helpful in terms of overtime issues or in resolving security concerns. And just to make sure you keep control on those security patrol call out fees you have the ability to verify if someone is on the premises, before dispatching a security guard, by visual pictures sent to your Smartphone.

Don’t Just Detect Criminals!
Send Them Running

You may want to ensure any intrusion is kept to a minimum by looking at installing a Sound Barrier. These devices emit an intolerable oscillating noise spectrum that attack the intruders ears and inflict a very painful effect that drives the intruder away from the protected area. Whilst there is no long lasting consequence, it’s a nasty surprise for the intruder. They can also be installed in containers or remote premises where there is no power or phone line.

HD CCTV Cameras Will Help Solve Crime

Monitoring with High Definition CCTV cameraCommercial HD CCTV CameraCCTV Cameras, being part  part of good commercial security give you the ability to identify people vehicles and number plates too. Identification is critical in the use of CCTV it’s the reason you use it. High Definition gives you the details required to do that. Plus you can look back over the previous weeks to see if that issue has occurred before. One great feature is the ability to look at live CCTV pictures of your business from your Smartphone, so you can know what going on even when you not there. That puts you back in control when that important order needs to be dispatched and you see it successfully leaving on the truck whilst you are in the meeting with the customer.

With the right selection of security system to meet your needs you can have a secure and profitable business, and it leaves you free to concentrate on what’s important, your business.

Wireless Card Entry Systems Control Who Goes Where

An access control system using wireless technology allows you to control who enters your business premises both day and night. Having the doors permanently secured and opened only by a valid card you know you have secured your premises from people wandering in off the street. An intercom system by the door allows you to talk to visitors and allow then entry.

Just because you have given a staff member an access card doesn’t mean they can go any where any time through the building. You control which door to give the access to and at what time the card will work.  The sales team can come in Monday to Friday 8am -5pm through the office door, the warehouse workers Monday – Saturday 7.30am  – 4.30 pm via the side door whilst your own card will open every door 24 hours a day.

Our access control systems are wireless so they are quick to install and as there is no cabling there is not the hassle of pulling cables through the building. And being wireless our systems are 30% cheaper than traditional cabled systems.

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