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CCTV Security Cameras

Catch thieves in the act – and zero in on critical details

The video above shows the picture quality from HD CCTV camera installations we provide.

High Definition CCTV

  • High definition for better identification
  • Stream live footage to your phone or tablet
  • Quality pictures both night and day
  • Review footage quickly and easily

Keep on the cutting edge of CCTV technology with one of Auckland’s most experienced security providers

HD CCTV securityAll Round Security has over 20 years’ experience designing and installing CCTV cameras throughout Auckland for businesses and private homes. We use the latest technology and recommend High Definition CCTV security cameras, which are a quantum leap forward in helping keep your premises secure.

HD CCTV pictures give you the ability to identify who is on your premises. This means you can focus on details like facial features and vehicle number plates in a way that’s never been possible before.

We’ll ensure you get the right CCTV solution

There are many types of CCTV cameras, such as night vision enabled cameras, motion detection activated cameras for both indoor and outdoor applications – all connected to a network video recorder for real time recording and review.

Some systems come with built-in tracking software, which will trigger a pan/tilt camera to follow a person, for example, in a factory or warehouse. Number plate recognition technology can also be used to identify vehicles on or around your premises.

Examples of HD CCTV pictures up to 30 metres

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30

View by your Smartphone or Ipad when you are away


To make sure you know whats going on when you are away from your business you can view the CCTV cameras at any time 24 hours a day on your mobile devices. As well as viewing live pictures you can replay yesterdays images or go back 7 days to clarify what happened. Plus you can take snap shots and email them immediately if you see a situation arise.

Having the ability to keep tabs on deliveries, productivity, customer service, time keeping, health and safety plus many other key aspects of your business makes your CCTV system an important part of running your business.

We’ll help make the numbers add up

calculatorWhen you weigh up the cost of investing in video surveillance, there are many factors to consider. There’s the initial price of the system and ongoing running costs – and these need to be offset by the potential losses you avoid by having security in place – not to mention peace of mind.

Furthermore, we can show how the right CCTV system can help improve productivity, time keeping and customer service for businesses – which add to your bottom line profit. If you already have an analogue CCTV system, it’s often possible to reuse the existing cabling to save money.

So, when you weigh everything up, a HD CCTV camera installation is surprisingly affordable.

Lease or buy?

Depending on your budget and circumstances, we can provide you with options to either buy or lease your HD CCTV system. There are pros and cons of both options but with technology changing so rapidly, many businesses find leasing is a smart move, so they can keep on the cutting edge.

A CCTV system custom-made for you

We offer a complete supply, design, installation and maintenance service for all types of CCTV systems. The first step is to ask us to do a site evaluation, so we can determine the type, placement and number of surveillance cameras needed to accomplish your needs. So why not get started?

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