Inferno Sound Barrier

Drive Burglars Away!

BURGLARY-POST-OFFICE-SANDFIELDSDoes an alarm system protect against loss? Not unless it includes an Inferno sound barrier, the high tech device that generates an intolerable spectrum of sound and then broadcasts it at an extreme 125dB.

Result – the protected area becomes instantly uninhabitable, forcing the intruder to exit immediately. Conventional security alarm systems typically employ a siren which, far from forcing the intruder to exit, simply alerts him of detection.

Inferno Sound Barrier Security ControlEven if the alarm system is monitored and has instantaneously dispatched a security patrol, the intruder has on average 17 minutes before a security guard arrives on the scene. The intruder depends on this “window of opportunity” that exists between detection, and arrival of security. An alarm system equipped with a sound barrier destroys this window and with it, the intruders’ ability to inflict damage and loss.

Intense Sound Makes Your
Business Intolerable to Crooks

The patented sound generator produces a highly complex spectrum that is extremely disruptive to the human brain. It produces four tones (frequency range 2-5kHz) simultaneously, and forces these tones to oscillate wildly and rapidly. The dynamic nature of the resultant spectrum renders the brain incapable of identifying and thus “blocking out” the din – which is exactly what it does to the simple and static twin tones of a conventional alarm system siren.

However, the sound spectrum is but one part of this security system. Amplified and broadcast at 125dB, the resultant effect is almost debilitating. As the seconds pass and the brain fails to cope, the intensity builds rapidly until the intruder simply has to leave the area. Staying in the range of the Inferno provokes reactions like nausea,the inability to concentrate and communicate, disorientation and vertigo.

The dynamic nature of the spectrum has a beneficial side effect: it is extremely difficult to locate the source of the sound, ensuring that the intruder cannot readily eliminate the cause of distress.

Make Flashing Light A Companion to Sound

strobeThe Inferno strobe light barrier produces a rapidly flashing white light of such intensity that it temporarily destroys the intruder’s vision. It is designed to be installed in tandem with the Inferno sound barrier which operates simultaneously, the combined effect far exceeds the sum of the parts.
Most effective in darkened environments, the light barrier attacks the intruder’s vision by rendering the eyes incapable of adapting to a highly unstable light level. For maximum effect, a sound barrier will operate simultaneously, meaning that the both the aural and visual senses are being assaulted. This combination quickly results in sensory overload, forcing the intruder to beat a hasty retreat.

The Inferno light barrier is rated at 1,500W with a 10A fuse, the strobe does not place undue demands on mains wiring – meaning that in almost all cases, it can simply be integrated into existing wiring. The strobe is most often installed in tandem with a sound barrier, in order to achieve sensory overload and create maximum disruption and disorientation to the intruder.

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