Alarm Monitoring

Be In Touch and In Control with our Alarm Monitoring Service

  • Monitors for alarm activation, mains failure, low battery, personal attack.
  • We can connect our monitoring service to any alarm.
  • Can alert you if your alarm is disarmed at the weekend.
  • Phone app lets you arm and disarm your alarm system from anywhere.

iphone home security systemIt’s just not possible to be available 24 hours a day to respond to your alarm system. That’s what our alarm monitoring connects your home and business to our monitoring station to receive the alarm calls and dispatch assistance day and night.

Monitored alarm systems offer you the reassurance that we’re watching over your home and business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you’re at home, at work or on holiday, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’re protecting what’s precious to you.

Every time your alarm goes off our Alarm Monitoring Centre receive an alert. Our monitoring  centre is manned around the clock, which means your alarm is never ignored and we always respond quickly. Once the alarm activation is received we contact you and your nominated key holders. Then, depending on your monitoring package, we can send a security response company to check your premises is secure.

iPhone Monitoring ServicesBe Smart and Be Secure

With our monitoring app you can arm and disarm your alarm. You can be in contact  our alarm monitoring station and dispatch or stand down the security patrol response. Now you can be in control and make the decisions that are right for you using smartphone monitoring.

  • Check to see if your alarm system is active
  • Check times when your alarm was turned on/off
  • Read Monitoring Station intrusion reports
  • Add, edit and view your alarm users
  • Get one-touch access to our monitoring station
  • Add, edit and view your sensor zone names
  • Let us know if you’re going to work early
  • Click to send a guard or instruct us what to do
  • If you’re working late, let us know how late
  • After an alarm activation, send us a comment before we respond
  • Quickly arm and disarm your alarm. (Add-on module required.

Switch the Alarm System On or Off Remotely

Forgotten to switch your alarm on? Someone arrived at work and forgotten their code, now you can arm and disarm your alarm system on your Smartphone. Want to ensure that the stock was shipped out of the warehouse on time, check camera 6 on the loading dock and using smartphone alarm monitoring together with a CCTV system you can watch the stock being loaded on the truck as it happens. Concerned about your bach out on the coast, or the container in the rear outside compound? Both can be easily protected and both give you control through  your Smartphone and our alarm monitoring center 24 hours a day.

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