Wireless Security Systems

Reduce Installation Hassles

Apartment Block SecurityWireless security systems are becoming more and more popular in homes and businesses around New Zealand as the primary security system. Wireless technology is now being used extensively for out door detection with  outdoor wireless beams and detectors being used to protect  yards and compounds.

wireless home security systemsAccess control systems are also moving towards wireless technology too. It’s easy to see why, with the host of advantages and unique features wireless security brings.

A wireless security system is much simpler to install than a traditional wired system as there’s no hassle with running wires and much less disruption because of this. The installation of a wired system can often be time consuming and invasive. Wireless motion detectors, door and window sensors and external detection systems are easy to place and can be sited in positions where cabling is difficult to get to.

Ideal for Short-term Installations

There is a real benefit in being able to relocate your wireless security system when you move premises. This enables, for example, homeowners and renters alike to take the complete security system with them when moving to a new location. With a wired system, if moving, you’re out of luck.

Traditional hard wired security systems are exposed to significant vulnerabilities associated with the power grid, phone lines, or Internet connections. Wireless security systems are not at risk to such scenarios and also have battery-power back-up that continues to keep the premises secure even when the power is out. Plus wireless systems are resistant to savvy criminals cutting phone and power lines.

Benefits From Wireless Technology

Wireless systems utilise wireless communications over dedicated, secure networks making them ideal for both businesses homes and remote locations without a landline. Due to the technology used, most wireless security systems also offer activity notifications and system alerts that keep you aware of what’s happening at the property. Today, there are even options to control a home’s lights, temperature and door locks through the security system. Home automation and integrated video monitoring can all be options with a wireless interactive security system. Plus, you will find that you’re able to control all of those features from free mobile apps as well.

Remote Maintenance and Control

Camera SystemsAn added benefit of wireless systems is that if there is an issue that needs attention, it can most often be identified and fixed by the installer remotely. Over-the-air system tools enable quick troubleshooting access to the system to find the cause of the problem, sometimes without even needing to schedule a technician’s visit. Also, many wireless alarm systems do their own troubleshooting and pro-actively notify you of the problem component, such as low battery alerts for wireless sensors.

The security industry is embracing wireless technology and the benefit to the customer is in cost savings as well as convenience too. There is, and will continue to be, more innovation in this area over the coming years.

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