>Smartair Access Control Package

Smartair Access Control Package

14:39 09 October in Alarm Systems, Commercial, Security Packages, Staff, Wireless

Want Access Control for who goes where in your business?

Business Security SystemSmartair, by Asa Abbloy, gives you  the ability to  control staff and visitors  into your business by the use of a validated access card. One card can access a single door or multiple doors through a managed access control system. So once some one is on your premises you can still control what area of your business they can go to.

Now your important and confidential documents or stock are kept safe from walk-in thefts or a wandering competitor’s eyes.

Smartair Glass Door EscutcheonAdditionally you can keep staff restricted to certain areas of your business too.

Smartair has no cables, and needs no power supply meaning it can be installed in virtually any location.  Options are available for external doors and double leaf doors and the system can also be centrally controlled to give information on time, date,user and door access or denied

Wireless Wall Reader for Business Security Access SystemYou can easily add or delete card users so if someone leaves your employment you can quickly deny them entry through the doors and into your business. The Smartair Access Control system can control upto 1500 cards per door

Installed for $1495 plus GST
Including 25 free access cards
and Customer Programming Kit

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