3 Reasons Why Home Surveillance Systems Deter Burglars

Let’s start by saying that yes, home surveillance systems do deter burglars! Even the NZ Police recommend that homeowners consider installing burglar alarms.

As installation rates rise amongst Auckland homeowners, burglars begin looking for easier targets and if your home doesn’t have one, you’ll become instantly attractive.

Surveillance systems

What makes home surveillance systems so unappealing to burglars? We share three reasons why …

3 Reasons Why Burglars Avoid Home Surveillance Systems

In New Zealand, one in three people have experienced a burglary. Of those, 13% were at home, 23% away for a short time, 39% only out for the day and 25% on holiday. This blows the belief that your home is only at risk when you are away on holiday, with 75% of victims not on vacation! However, you can reduce the likelihood of a burglar finding your property attractive by installing a home surveillance system because:

  1. Burglars dislike being noticed –noisy sirens are incredibly off-putting. No thief wants to be noticed and an alarm with a siren will draw a crowd. An outdoor motion activated light is also off-putting, especially if you can see an infra-red CCTV camera recording your movements too.
  2. Intruders do not want to be identified – home CCTV cameras as a part of a surveillance system will stop a would be intruder in their tracks. They don’t want to be recognised and then arrested. Time and time again, convicted burglars have said that security cameras were one thing they avoided like the plague.
  3. A monitored alarm brings help – there’s no chance a thief wants to be caught and a monitored alarm will always require a response from the alarm company. Some home alarms send the homeowner a message via their smartphone, allowing them to view what is happening at that moment in their house. Others will send a security guard around to investigate too.

Choosing the Right Home Surveillance System for Your Property

In Auckland and around the country, homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to selecting an alarm system. Yes, there are plenty of DIY installation options, but you are far better off having one professionally installed.

Homeowners are usually able to select from wired and wireless home alarm systems. Wireless homes security systems like the Risco Agility 3 are your best option. With a lower purchase and installation cost, no wiring necessary, motion sensor activated cameras, and battery powered, they are the ultimate home burglar prevention tool!

Our security professionals are more than happy to come and undertake a no-obligation security review of your property within the Auckland region. Simply let us know the best time to pay a visit, and lets start making you home unappealing to intruders! Contact us now!

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