5 Ways to Reduce Employee Theft

Employee theft costs your company money, whether it’s products, cash or time. As security professionals in Auckland, we’re often asked for advice on ways businesses can reduce employee theft.

To do so, we visit their commercial premises free of charge and complete a comprehensive security inspection – and we’d like to offer the same to you. Just contact us today to arrange a time which suits you.

While we’re getting your personalised security recommendations done, we’re sharing general five tips to get you started.

5 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Employee Theft

As a business owner or manager, if you can’t trust your employees, who can you trust. Or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. The truth is, employee theft is a common nuisance for businesses and can cost them dearly. Taking steps to reduce this often opportunistic theft can include these five ideas:

  • Do a full screening on potential employees before you hire them. This includes checking out references, social media posts, Google searches and even if permission is granted, a police background check.
  • Use CCTV cameras around areas theft is likely to occur. This can include at entrances and exits, plus near cash registers and staff lockers. Installing security cameras near rubbish disposal areas is also a good plan as this is often how stock is removed from the premises without being noticed.
  • Install access control systems on all entrances and exits. An access control system allows you to state who can and can’t enter a specific area, plus track the movements of people through those areas.
  • Create a way in which employees can confidentially let you know about any potential fraud issues they’ve noticed occurring.
  • Use a buddy system. This means having a minimum of two employees working at a time in the store, or two people needing to be present when completing refunds or other sensitive transactions at the cash register.

Business security is not something we can ignore nowadays. By alerting employees to the ways in which you work to reduce both employee and customer or visitor theft, you create an awareness which reduces the risk of both planned and opportunistic theft. For a comprehensive report on the ways you can improve the security around your Auckland workplace, please contact our team of security professionals today.

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