7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While On Holiday

If you’re going away on holiday, the last thing you want to come back to is a burgled house. Sadly though, unattended homes are often easily spotted and targeted by criminals bent on profiting from your vacation.

Luckily there are many steps you can take to keep your home safe and give you peace of mind while you are away. We’re here to share seven of these home safety tips with you today.

Whether you’re flying overseas or taking a driving holiday in the South Island, it’s the sad truth that unattended Auckland homes are targeted by burglars. In 2015, there were 61,803 unlawful entries around the country, which rose to 72,780 in 2016 according to Statistics NZ. In an interactive burglary map published by The Herald, it is also interesting to note the Auckland suburbs which have the highest burglary rates are the areas around Avondale, East Tamaki, Manakau and Takanini. However, regardless of which Auckland suburb you live in, an empty home is still vulnerable.

The question then is, how can you reduce the risk of your home being burgled when you are away on holiday? Here are seven ways you can keep your home safe:

  1. Install a monitored home security alarm. The Risco Agility 3 is one of the best wireless home burglar alarms available for Auckland households. While the alarm itself will send updates to your smartphone should a break in occur, we can also arrange for it to be monitored on your behalf.
  2. As exciting as it is to go on holiday, avoid announcing it on social media. Thieves can read about your plans too.
  3. Utilise motion sensor outdoor security lights around your home. Should someone venture onto your property, the lights turn on drawing attention to their presence.
  4. Put all your valuables away out of sight. By leaving jewellery, electronics and even cash in view through windows, it will often give criminals an extra incentive to break in to your home.
  5. Keep your property well maintained. Having someone mow your lawns and empty your letterbox helps to give the illusion someone is at home.
  6. Keep all your tools locked away. Ensure your sheds are locked and tools such as ladders, hammers and even gardening tools are put away safely so they cannot be used to help break into your home.
  7. Install home security cameras both inside and outside of your home. Home CCTV cameras act as a strong deterrent to burglars and provide both day and night time footage. You are also able to view their footage while you are on holiday should you desire to.

For further professional advice on how to keep your home safe while you are on holiday, contact Auckland’s home security experts today! We’re happy to come out to your home and identify ways it can be made more secure for you and your family. Call us on 0800 425576

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