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Who are we?

At All Round Security, we specialise in providing the best installation service for card access systems in Auckland. With a sole aim to deliver a personalised level of service for security systems, we are one of the most trusted security teams in Auckland.

With over 20 years in the security industry, we will provide you with the right card access system for your business. We do this by evaluating your workplace site to identify the best type, placement and number of card readers needed. We offer a complete security service, supplying, designing, installing and maintaining your card access systems to give you that all important peace of mind.

What do we do?

Controlling who has access to your business is essential. Smartair card access control offers you a wire free card entry system which is up to 25% cheaper than other card entry systems on the market. With no cabling to worry about, Smartair systems are quick and easy to install, ensuring minimal disruption to your premises. Smartair lock systems offer three different levels of control, ensuring there’s a door access control system for everyone and every building!

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What card access system do I need for my business?

Choosing Your Best Method of Access Control

Stand Alone Entry System

Smartair Stand Alone Access Control Systems provide secure access for up to 50 users, making it the perfect choice for a range of commercial and industrial uses as well as SMEs, offices and workshops. This entry level solution can secure between 1-10 doors, is battery powered and user friendly.

Update On Card

Smartair Update On Card Access Control Systems offer a central management software system, providing you with information on who went where and at what time. With no power requirements needed at each door and with no cabling, this system offers you the ability to automatically unlock specific doors at certain times, as well as restricting access to specific doors for both certain week days and number of entries.

Wireless Access Control

Smartair Wireless Access Control Systems are the top of the range in access control systems, offering you real-time monitoring of all wireless locks and the ability to make instant changes to door functions and access rights. This solution is perfect for larger, more complex buildings which require different access levels.

We provide you with an innovative and cost effective solution. Just Call us on 0800 425 576


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