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Risco Agility 3 – The Future in Wireless Home Security

Risco AgilityTM 3 Security System

The Risco Agility 3 puts you in control of your home security system. Using the latest in technology, the Agility 3  alarm system gives home and business owners a wireless alarm system which alerts you immediately if suspicious activity occurs with camera detectors sending pictures direct to your smartphone. Once you have verified there is an intruder on the premises you can call the Police on 111 and report a Burglary In Progress.

Take Control of Your Home Security with a Wireless Alarm System

The Risco Agility 3 is a completely wireless home alarm system. The point of difference between a Risco alarm and a regular home alarm is that the Agility 3 puts you in control. Once armed, motion sensors will monitor for any movement and if spotted, will instantly capture a photo of the intruder, send you a text message and deliver the photos to your smartphone via a cloud based server.

By having instant access to images of the trigger, you can verify if there is an intruder in your home, and if it is an intruder, you can immediately dial 111 and notify the Police. This gives you an enormous advantage over conventional home security systems. Regular monitored home alarms must be physically responded to in order to identify the cause of the alarm. The Agility 3 skips this step altogether, giving you the power to ask Police to respond to your alarm immediately.

Benefits of our Wireless Home Security Camera System

Keeping your home, belongings and family safe is your number one priority. As Auckland’s preferred home security experts, we’ll help you achieve just that with our wireless home security camera system.

The Agility 3 offers you considerably more advantages than a traditional cabled house alarm, including:

No monthly monitoring costs

Day & night infra-red camera movement detectors

90 degree horizontal and 45 degree downward protection sensors

Connect up to 32 detectors, with eight being camera detectors

100% battery powered, with a battery life of around three years

Remote arm and disarm, home automation, bypass detectors & viewing of system status

Ability to secure all or only specific areas of your home

Immediate notification of suspicious activity

Pet friendly, with pets under 36kg unable to trigger the alarm

Photo sent to your smartphone of the alarm trigger

Images stored securely in the cloud

Home Security Camera Installation
Agility motion detector -  All Round Security

The Agility 3 advanced motion detectors also have integrated cameras. When positioned throughout your home and your system is armed, the sensors automatically capture a photo of the movement which triggers the alarm. This lets you identify if it is an intruder, allowing you the ability to act immediately and keep your home safe.

Get Smart & Take Control of Your Home Security with a Risco Alarm

A wireless home alarm system can give you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer free no obligation home security assessments Auckland wide and can design, install and maintain your wireless burglar alarm.

We offer a personalised home security consultation and security installation service within the Auckland area. With over 40 years of experienced designing and installing home security systems, we really know our stuff! Our friendly and knowledgeable team use the latest security technology to provide you with home security camera systems you can rely on.

Plus, good news, there is a range of payment options like  cash, cheque, online and credit cards. We have recently partnered with GEM Visa card which gives you 6 months interest free credit and makes for an easy payment scheme.

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