Benefits of Business Keyless Entry Systems

Has your business ever thought about going keyless? Business keyless entry systems are quickly growing in popularity throughout Auckland and the rest of the country.

Why? Because not only do they offer greater security and peace of mind than mechanical locks, but they are more cost effective too. Today we’ll cover the benefits of using business keyless entry systems and how effective they are at increasing workplace security.

Can You Afford Not to Use a Business Keyless Entry System?

A card access control system, like our Smartair system, offers plenty of money and time saving benefits to any business. The advantages of using a keyless entry system include:

  • Say goodbye to bunches of keys – with a wireless card entry system, you only need one card to unlock multiple doors.
  • Lost keys can be cancelled – if your employee loses their access card, you can cancel it immediately to prevent unwanted access to your workplace.
  • No more rekeying – instead of paying hundreds to a locksmith to replace your locks when staff leave, simply update your access control system software to make their card unusable.
  • Manual key lists are a thing of the past – remember when you needed to have your keys engraved with a number to help you know which sets were missing? Or when you had to check off against a list when keys were issued or returned? Not any more, as your access control system automatically keeps track of them now!
  • Increased workplace security – you control who has access to which areas of your workplace and when they can access them. Perfect for workplaces where different levels of access are required, with you being able to change access rights immediately if required. Business keyless entry systems also track who went where and at what time, giving you a clear picture of movements around your workplace.

If these advantages weren’t enough, make sure you read about the 5 signs which show you need to upgrade to a card access control system.

Keep Track of Your Employees & Save Money: It’s a Win-Win!

A wireless electronic door lock, such as our Smartair Stand Alone Entry System, offers business owners and managers the ultimate security package. You control access through all doors within your workplace, you can identify when employees enter and leave the building and you can make changes to access permissions quickly. You save time monitoring your workplace, leaving you to work on growing your business instead of working in it. Together with a CCTV camera system, you can monitor and control movements even when you aren’t there, not to mention reducing your health and safety risks too.

We’d love to chat with you about how we can help provide a keyless entry system to your workplace. Give us a call today on 0800 425 576 or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

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