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Case Study: Burglary Deterrent

Burglary Deterrent using the Inferno

An East Auckland restaurant was being hit by repetitive break-ins  over a two  month period in the winter months. Sited in a remote location the restaurant was protected by an alarm and called a local patrol company upon activation.

However the intruders had been scoping out the premises and had discovered a large amount of wines and spirits were being kept behind the bar. They also found a handy side door not too far from the bar that meant they could quickly get in and out .

By coming in hard and fast, through the side door,  they could defeat the alarm, grab $5,000-$10,000 of wine and spirits on each break in and still be out of the premises in under two minutes. This meant they were on their way well before the security patrol company arrived. The alarm response company was  unable to get to the restaurant in less than  5 minutes.  A total of 7 break ins occurred in eight weeks, and the restaurant owner was unable to stop these break ins happening. A burglary deterrent was needed urgently.

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Case Study Burglary Deterrent

Inferno Sound Barrier to the Rescue

By now this was having a serious financial impact on the restaurant business. Losses were mounting and there was no answer to the break ins The only solutions being offered were more locks and more alarm detectors by local security companies. After consulting with Philip Walsh from All Round Security it was decided the Inferno Sound Barrier could be the answer to driving the intruders off the premises.

The Inferno’s eight oscillating speakers and 127 db of noise is designed to plug the gap between the alarm activating and the security response company arriving. This “window of opportunity” is where most losses occur and the intruders get away with the goods.

The Inferno Sound Barriers  sound generator produces a highly complex spectrum  that produces four tones in a frequency range of 2-5kHz simultaneously, and forces these tones to oscillate wildly and rapidly. The dynamic nature of the spectrum of sound renders the brain incapable of identifying and thus “blocking out” the  noise which is amplified and broadcast at 125dB, The resulting effect is almost debilitating and the ideal burglary deterrent.

In other words it’s a dreadful experience that whilst leaving the intruder with no long lasting damage will certainly feel like it to the offender.

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Success is the Proof

The Inferno was connected to the existing alarm and was installed in the bar area, adjacent to where the wine and spirits were stocked. 48 hours later the intruders returned and activated the Inferno as they entered the bar area.  Immediately the Inferno  generated  its  127db ear piercing noise and forced the intruders back out of the bar, empty handed  and the intruders  fled the premises.

It’s now been six months since that attempted burglary and the intruders have never returned.

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