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How to Ensure Your Commercial CCTV System is Cyber-Secure

Have you ever questioned the actual level of security of your business CCTV system?

In the current digital era, CCTV systems are essential for protecting commercial spaces. They deter criminal activities, monitor daily operations, and provide crucial evidence when needed. But since technology develops so quickly, these systems are even more vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

Having a CCTV system in place is no longer enough; maintaining its cybersecurity is just as important. Businesses in New Zealand, especially those in busy areas like Auckland, are increasingly realising how important it is to have strong cybersecurity. 

It's necessary to stay one step ahead of hackers, as their strategies are continuously changing, to safeguard your valuables and privacy.

This blog is designed to help you understand the key aspects of cyber-securing your commercial

Why Should You Care About CCTV Cybersecurity?

Commercial CCTV systems are essential for protecting businesses. They deter theft, give proof in the event of an incident, and provide insightful information on the behaviour of customers. But as more people gain access to the internet, these systems are now vulnerable to cyberattacks. Vulnerabilities can be used by hackers to get illegal access, take private videos, interfere with business processes, or even alter recordings.

This is why it's so important to prioritise cybersecurity for CCTV systems:

  • Protect your business assets: Compromised footage could reveal confidential data about your operations, customers, or employees.
  • Preserve privacy: A lot of personal information is captured by CCTV. This data might be exposed via a cyberattack, which could have legal ramifications.
  • Ensure business continuity: Cyber attacks can interfere with CCTV functionalities, hindering your ability to monitor your business effectively.


Having established the significance of cybersecurity for CCTV systems, let's consider the different threats that exist and how to mitigate them:

Hacking and Unauthorised AccessHackers take advantage of network flaws or weak passwords to take over your CCTV system. Once inside, they can completely deactivate the system, alter recordings, or steal footage.Use strong, unique passwords and regularly update them. Implement network security measures.
Malware and Ransomware AttacksMalicious software can damage your CCTV system, corrupt footage, or even encrypt it and demand a ransom for decryption.Use anti-malware software and regularly update it. Implement regular system backups.
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) AttacksThese attacks overpower your CCTV system with massive amounts of traffic, rendering it unavailable and preventing you from monitoring your business.Use DDoS protection services and network traffic monitoring tools.
Insider ThreatsThreats might occasionally originate from within the business. Unhappy workers or contractors who have access to your CCTV system may purposely damage it, release private video, or deactivate important security functions.Implement strict access controls and continuous monitoring.
Man-in-the-Middle AttacksIn this case, the communication between your CCTV system and the monitoring devices is intercepted by attackers. The integrity of your surveillance may be jeopardised if they intercept, modify, or introduce harmful material into the stream.Use strong encryption and secure communication protocols.
Firmware VulnerabilitiesLike every other IoT device, CCTV systems depend on firmware to operate properly. Cybercriminals may take advantage of unpatched security vulnerabilities in outdated firmware.Regularly update the firmware of your CCTV system.
Phishing and Social EngineeringPhishing and social engineering techniques are often employed by cybercriminals to fool staff members into disclosing login passwords or other private information. Provide comprehensive training to employees on recognising and responding to phishing attempts.
Physical TamperingPhysically tampering with network equipment and CCTV cameras can result in serious security breaches, though it is primarily a cybersecurity risk. Restrict and monitor physical access to your CCTV system components.

5 Expert Tips from All Round Security on Ensuring Your Commercial CCTV is Cyber-Secure

Your commercial CCTV system's cybersecurity can be greatly improved by adhering to these professional guidelines, which will guarantee that it continues to be a useful tool for protecting the business it serves.

5 Expert Tips from All Round Security on Ensuring Your Commercial CCTV is Cyber-Secure
  1. Implement Strong Network Security
  • Use firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS) for traffic filtering and activity monitoring.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi network is secured with robust methods, such as WPA2, and set up a different network just for your CCTV system.
  1. Regular Software and Firmware Updates
  • Keep your CCTV system’s software and firmware up-to-date to patch vulnerabilities and address security flaws.
  • Set up regular checks for manual updates and, whenever feasible, enable automatic updates.
  1. Use Strong, Unique Passwords
  • For every CCTV system component, create a strong, unique password by eliminating information that is simple to figure out. 
  • To securely create and store passwords, think about using a password manager.
  1. Network Segregation
  • To stop a breach in one from affecting the other, isolate your CCTV network from your primary business network.
  • To keep data from other networks secure and separate, use virtual local area networks or VLANs.
  1. Awareness and Training for Employees
  • Educate your employees on cybersecurity best practices, such as recognising phishing attempts and maintaining password hygiene.
  • Organise frequent training sessions to update employees on the newest cybersecurity dangers and defences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions from Aucklanders about How to Ensure Your Commercial CCTV System is Cyber-Secure.

1. What are the signs that my CCTV system has been compromised?

Keep an eye out for odd behaviour, such as unauthorised access logs, unexpected system reboots, or setting changes. 

2. What should I do if my CCTV system is compromised?

Take down the system's network connection, get in touch with cybersecurity experts, and follow your incident response strategy. 

3. Are cyberattacks more likely to occur in wireless CCTV systems?

If wireless systems are not adequately secured, they may be at greater risk. Make sure your wireless network has strong, unique passwords and is encrypted. 

4. How frequently should I update the firmware on my CCTV system?

Check for updates regularly, and implement them as quickly as possible—at least once every quarter.

5. Can outdated CCTV systems be made cyber-secure?

Although old CCTV systems may pose a threat, you can strengthen their security with strong network defences and regular maintenance. Consider switching to more recent, secure models nonetheless.


We hope that this blog has provided you with important information about making sure your commercial security camera system is cyber-secure. Maintaining cybersecurity necessitates constant attention to detail and proactive approaches. Keep yourself informed and put these suggestions to use to safeguard your business.

Ready to secure your CCTV system? Call us at 0800 425 576 for professional advice and solutions tailored to your needs. 

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