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The Soon-to-Be-Released Tri-Guard 2.0 Camera

Are you curious about the latest advancements in security technology for your home or business? 

You're in for a treat if you own a business or property in Auckland, New Zealand. Being ahead of the curve with the newest surveillance cameras is crucial in a world where security and safety are of utmost importance. That's where Uniview steps in, committed to providing top-notch solutions to meet your security needs.

Introducing the soon-to-be-released Uniview Tri-Guard 2.0 camera, a game-changer in the field of safety and surveillance. By providing unmatched protection for your property, this advanced CCTV camera is intended to raise your standards for what a security system can accomplish. 

Whether you’re looking to safeguard your home or enhance the security of your business, the Tri-Guard 2.0 promises to deliver advanced features that set it apart from the competition.

In this comprehensive blog, we will look deeply into the Uniview Tri-Guard 2.0 camera's exceptional features, emphasising its advanced technology, innovative features, and benefits to your security setup. 

Why Upgrade Your Security System?

Homeowners and business owners are becoming increasingly concerned about security as seen by rising data on break-ins and burglaries. In Auckland alone, there has been a significant increase in residential and commercial break-ins, highlighting the need for advanced security solutions. In this sense, the Tri-Guard 2.0 camera looks to be revolutionary.

What Makes the Tri-Guard 2.0 Camera Stand Out?

What Makes the Tri-Guard 2.0 Camera Stand Out

The Uniview Tri-Guard 2.0 camera is equipped with advanced features to offer exceptional security for your property. Here's an in-depth look at what sets this camera apart.

4K@30fps ResolutionThe Tri-Guard 2.0 boasts an 8MP camera with 4K resolution at 30 frames per second.High-quality images Captures even the smallest details Enhanced surveillance experience
F1.0 Big ApertureWith an F1.0 aperture, this camera collects four times the amount of light compared to its predecessors with an F2.0 aperture.Superior light collection  Clear night visionBright images even at night
Red and Blue Light AlertingThe upgraded red and blue light alerting system is more noticeable than traditional white flashing lights.High visibility in all conditions Powerful deterrence with 3W speaker
Multiple InterfacesThe camera comes with multiple interfaces, including Audio I/O, Alarm I/O, and a built-in SD card slot.Versatile connectivityFlexible installation and operation
High Volume SpeakerThe high-volume speaker provides a loud deterrent to drive away intruders.Stronger deterrenceEffective warnings even from a distance
130dB True WDRThe 130dB true WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) feature ensures super clear images in strong backlight environments.Clear images in any lightingBalanced light levels for visibility
Smart Intrusion PreventionFilters out false alarms and focuses only on genuine threats.Intelligent alertsReduced unnecessary disturbances
Deterrence ModesDual-Light Mode: IR lights are on at night. 
IR Mode: Red and blue lights flash, and the speaker turns on when an intruder is detected. 
Warm Light Mode: Red and blue lights stop flashing, the speaker turns off, and warm LED lights turn off while IR lights turn on.
Active deterrence with IR lights  Intruder alert with flashing lights and speakerAdaptive deterrence with minimal disruption

Installation and Integration

In addition to its exceptional features, the Uniview Tri-Guard 2.0 camera stands out for its easy installation and integration, making it the top choice for both homeowners and business owners.

Easy Installation

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Tri-Guard 2.0's user-friendly interface makes installation simple and helps you navigate through the process. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you can set up the camera quickly and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Guide: All Round Security provides a comprehensive installation guide and support to ensure that you can set up your camera without any hassle.

Seamless Integration

  • Compatibility: You can enhance your security without having to start over by using Tri-Guard 2.0 with the majority of current security solutions.
  • Smart Home Integration: For homeowners, the camera can be connected to smart home systems, allowing you to control and monitor your security from your smartphone or other smart devices.

Real-World Applications

The Uniview Tri-Guard 2.0 camera proves its worth in real-world applications, providing strong security for both homes and businesses.

Home SecurityFor homeowners, the Tri-Guard 2.0 offers peace of mind, knowing that your property is protected with advanced technology.Real-time monitoring Alerts for suspicious activity An extra layer of protection for family
Business SecurityFor business owners, the Tri-Guard 2.0 helps protect assets and ensures business security, whether it's an office, factory, or parking lot.High-resolution footage  Smart intrusion prevention Safe environment for employees

The Uniview Tri-Guard 2.0 camera stands out as a top option for enhancing the security of your home or place of business due to its innovative features, simple installation, seamless integration, and practical applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions from Aucklanders about Tri-Guard 2.0.

1. How does the Tri-Guard 2.0 compare to other security cameras? 

Better light collection, increased resolution, and cutting-edge deterrent features make the Tri-Guard 2.0 an exceptional option for home and business security

2. Can Tri-Guard 2.0 be integrated with existing security systems? 

Yes, it integrates seamlessly with the majority of current security configurations, thanks to its many interfaces. 

3. What makes the red and blue light alerting system more effective? 

Red and blue lights are more effective at deterring burglars because they are more conspicuous in low light. 

4. Is the Tri-Guard 2.0 suitable for all weather conditions? 

Yes, it is made to function at its best in a variety of weather conditions, such as fog and rain.

5. How does the smart intrusion prevention system work?

It makes sure you only receive alerts about actual threats by filtering out false alarms using sophisticated algorithms.

6. What kind of maintenance does the Tri Guard 2.0 require?

The Tri Guard 2.0 needs very little maintenance. For best results, it is advised to clean the camera lens regularly and to periodically verify that the system is operating as intended.


We hope that this blog has provided you with insightful information on the Tri Guard 2.0 camera, which will soon be available. With the latest technology and smart design, this modern security system promises to improve the protection of the home and place of business. 

Upgrade your security system right now to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is safe. Don't wait until it's too late.

Call us at 0800 425 576 if you have any queries or would like to find out more about our all-inclusive security solutions.

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