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Top 10 Commercial CCTV Cameras in Auckland

Do you operate a business in Auckland and find it difficult to secure your premises at a time when commercial crime is on the rise?

Strengthening your defences is more important than ever to safeguard not just your valuable assets but also your intellectual property and the reputation of your business as a whole. 

The process of choosing the best commercial CCTV camera system may seem overwhelming as you think about enhancing your security measures. How can you choose from the different camera brands and models on the market, each with its special features and technologies? 

This comprehensive guide is designed to take you through the specifics of commercial CCTV cameras, helping you get around the broad spectrum of security technologies with ease and confidence.

Top 10 Commercial CCTV Cameras in Auckland

Protecting your business effectively begins with choosing the right CCTV camera system. These are the top 10 brands and types that are specially designed to fulfil the needs of business owners in Auckland, where outdoor monitoring is essential. 

They guarantee the effective security of your most valuable assets by providing reliable and innovative approaches.

Top 10 best Commercial CCTV Cameras in Auckland

1. The Uniview 4K 8 Megapixel Triguard Camera

Uniview 4K 8 Megapixel Triguard Camera

The 4K Uniview 8 Megapixel Triguard Camera is the epitome of a high-resolution security camera. With its strong construction, excellent 8 MP video quality, and excellent night vision, this camera will keep your property safe in any weather. Being certified IP67, it is fully prepared for harsh outdoor conditions.

The camera's built-in bottom speaker produces immersive audio and facilitates clear, interactive communication thanks to its dual lenses and microphone enhancements. 

Its ColorHunter technology guarantees bright, full-colour video in both bright and dim lighting. By reducing false warnings, smart human body detection technology streamlines your security operations for optimal dependability.

2. 6 Megapixel Turret Camera

6 Megapixel Turret Camera

Elevate your security features with the Uniview 6-megapixel turret camera, designed to offer broad, wide-angle coverage and crystal-clear images.

This camera's advanced motion detection capabilities guarantee proactive protection, and its high-definition 6MP resolution and intelligent features—such as smart intrusion prevention, facial recognition, and people counting—deliver insightful information.

Upgraded with LightHunter technology, it guarantees outstanding image quality under various lighting scenarios. The camera is a flexible surveillance solution that can be used in any security setup because it has options for both local storage and flexible power supply capacities.

Additionally, with a variety of recording options, this commercial security camera provides unparalleled peace of mind. You have versatility in managing and storing your security footage with its inbuilt MicroSD card storage capability and compatibility with both Uniview and third-party NVRs.

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3. 5 Megapixel Light Hunter

5 Megapixel Light Hunter

The Uniview 5 Megapixel Light Hunter is designed to detect threats in real-time and function very well in low light. All lighting conditions can be captured with crisp, clear video because of its 5 MP resolution. With LightHunter and 120dB real Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, this camera produces consistently excellent images even in situations where there are significant contrasts in illumination.

Its waterproof, vandal-resistant, and weatherproof construction, together with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE), provides dependable operation in any environment. It's the ideal option for smooth security and monitoring because of its simple integration and compatibility with MicroSD card storage.

4. 4 Megapixel Colour Hunter 160°

4 Megapixel Colour Hunter 160°

The 4 Megapixel Colour Hunter 160° Camera is a technological advancement in smart security cameras. This camera turns on a strong white light to guarantee continuous, vibrant colour film, day or night, in contrast to traditional cameras that rely on infrared lighting and record footage in black and white at night.

However, this camera provides more than just excellent images. It has two carefully placed microphones that produce a full-bodied and engrossing audio experience. This security camera combines wide 160° coverage with outstanding colour capture to offer superior surveillance capabilities that fully address your security demands.

5. 5 Megapixel 180° Camera

5 Megapixel 180° Camera

Improve your surveillance system with the 5-Megapixel 180° Camera, designed to capture every angle with its wide-angle technology and outstanding 5MP resolution. This panoramic camera is ideal for securing large areas since it provides complete coverage, capturing every detail without any blind spots.

Smart intrusion prevention technology on this commercial security camera accurately detects and tracks vehicle and human movement, greatly decreasing false alerts caused by non-threatening objects like leaves or birds. It also has an inbuilt microphone for capturing audio, clever infrared technology for night vision up to 20 metres clear, and support for MicroSD cards for easy local storage.

7. Dahua 2 Megapixel Bullet Camera

Dahua 2 Megapixel Bullet Camera

The Dahua 2 Megapixel Bullet Camera's powerful 2MP sensor, Starlight Technology, and True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) combine to give outstanding surveillance capabilities.

This flexible commercial security camera supports a variety of video formats and has a built-in microphone, allowing you to switch between HD and SD outputs. Additionally, it has clever infrared technology, which guarantees up to 80 metres of clear night vision. 

This camera's IP67 ingress protection ensures that it will function dependably in outdoor settings while protecting it from any kind of weather situation.

7. Hikvision 4 Megapixel PTZ Camera

Hikvision 4 Megapixel PTZ Camera

The Hikvision 4 Megapixel PTZ Camera provides unmatched performance and clarity, making it a flexible and strong security solution. This camera's advanced features, which include a 360° pan, a 25x optical zoom, and a tilt range of -20 to 90°, enable precise monitoring capabilities.

It guarantees dependable monitoring in any situation due to its advanced tracking technology, remarkable low-light sensitivity, and effective video compression. This weather-resistant and vandal-proof camera is certified IP67 and IK10, meaning it can tolerate harsh situations and still produce excellent images.

8. Bosch 5MP Turret Camera

Bosch 5MP Turret Camera

Complete surveillance is offered by the Bosch 5MP Turret Camera at 1080p and 5MP resolutions. Tightly packed with essential video analytics, it triggers alerts to speed up data recovery. Its dynamic range of 120 dB ensures clarity even in challenging situations, and its H.265 multi-streaming, which is customisable, maximises bandwidth.

In addition to its IP66 and IK10 durability ratings, built-in infrared illumination for 15 metres of night vision, and other features, this commercial security camera provides solid safety for a range of situations.

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9. Samsung SDC-9410  Dome Camera

Samsung SDC-9410 Dome Camera

Samsung's SDC-9410DU has a full HD resolution that is vivid. The big 1/2.9-inch CMOS sensor on this indoor camera maximises light intake, resulting in excellent detail and vivid colours. The camera has an automated infrared LED lighting system that enables clear, brilliant images at night and unaltered, true-to-life colours during the day. 

It also offers up to 26 feet of great night vision. Thanks to Samsung Super Noise Reduction III, the ultra-wide-angle lens increases your field of vision to 103° without sacrificing clarity and enhances image quality in low light.

10. AXIS P37 Panoramic Camera

AXIS P37 Panoramic Camera

AXIS P37 Panoramic Cameras represent an important innovation in security camera technology. These cameras are a perfect example of adaptability, as they provide 360° multidirectional coverage under a single IP address, making installation and maintenance a breeze.

Through its varifocal camera heads, which are movable, the AXIS P37's field of view can be customised to fit any setting, offering complete monitoring options. This adaptability guarantees the best possible coverage and outstanding surveillance effectiveness in any kind of environment.


We hope that this blog has provided you with important information on the best commercial CCTV cameras in Auckland. 

It is essential to secure your business premises in this day and age of rising commercial crime rates. With the knowledge offered here, you'll be in a better position to choose the best surveillance system for your specific needs.

Remember that making a significant investment in security measures now can protect you from future losses and guarantee the security of your assets. 

Which CCTV camera, then, best suits the needs of your business? 

Take the first step towards better security today. Contact All Round Security now at 0800 42 55 76 for professional guidance and seamless installation services. Protect what matters most with the best commercial security cameras.

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