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What's the difference between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras?

Difference between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras- Ever wondered how most cameras look the same? Whether you are in a residential area, a supermarket or a museum, there are cameras around that look similar. Well, while they look similar, there is a huge difference between a surveillance camera and a security camera. Even though the words sound alike, their features and purpose differ considering the surroundings that they are used in.

difference between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras

You are just on the right page if you are looking for a smart security system and want to understand the difference between each. Let's understand it in detail. The difference between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras. Wondering about the various types of security cameras? Learn about the differences between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras.

What is Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are also known as IP which means internet protocol. Surveillance cameras are widely used in public places including roadways, malls, parks or supermarkets. Also, surveillance cameras are not always visible to the naked eye in public areas as they are used to collect evidence of crimes. 

A security camera is more general in nature as these camera systems are used in residential areas. They are popularly known as CCTV or closed-circuit television. Security cameras are visible to the public and are generally used to detect criminal activities. 


A surveillance camera is generally connected within a local area network also known as LAN. A surveillance camera does not necessarily require an internet connection for its smooth operation. You may also use a single Ethernet cable or keep it wireless to connect a surveillance camera. A surveillance camera offers continuous recording making it a worthy deal for large areas. For a deeper understanding of security camera basics, consider our guide on How CCTV Cameras Can Reduce Workplace Theft.

A security camera is basic as compared to the technicalities of a surveillance camera. It is generally connected with multiple cables or one may also use a wireless method for its operation. These types of cameras used radio frequency to send the recordings of a restricted area through an SD card or a DVR. If you are looking for a security camera in Auckland, make sure to check the features and services before installation.

Pros and Cons


  • A surveillance camera tops the list when considering video quality of the recording.
  • Real-time information gathering becomes easy as the footage can be displayed to official authorities. 
  • Monitoring is convenient with surveillance cameras as you can easily view it with a smart device including mobile phone or a laptop.


  • The operation of surveillance cameras can be tech-savvy, enabling only a certain number of people to handle it.
  • Hackers can easily access the surveillance camera due to its connection to Wi-Fi.

If you're interested in maximizing workplace security, read more about How CCTV Cameras Can Reduce Workplace Theft.

Security Cameras


  • Security cameras work wonders to deter criminal activities as its presence might alert abusers or hackers. 
  • They are generally motion activated thereby enabling you to easily gather evidence of any potential illegal or criminal activity.
  • Security cameras are affordable and come in different types including mountable and portable ones.


  • Security cameras offer a lower resolution where images might be blurry in some cases. It is due to the technology that there are differences in the image quality.
  • If the security cameras are hidden, it might be a controversial issue for others. 

For a broader perspective on the role of CCTV cameras, explore our article on Are CCTV cameras must be there in your commercial space?.


A security system is always a great idea to protect your loved ones in residential areas as well as public places. Make sure to check for a budget-friendly company that help with services, installation and maintenance.

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