Home Security Systems

Making sure your family and the possessions you value are securely protected is the most important priority you have.

Being safe and secure in your home is a right every Kiwi expects as a fundamental requirement. With a well thought out home security system you can deter the criminal element and give your family the sense of safety you need in your home.

  • Protect your home with intruder and smoke detectors.
  • Activate internal and external sounders.
  • Turn your alarm on and off with your smartphone.
  • The alarm can alert our monitoring station in the event of a break in and we will send a security patrol officer to your home.

We will work with you to design a cost effective and reliable way to protect your home, day and night. We can design your home security system to give you the maximum protection for your budget with a range of movement sensors, door switches and smoke detectors that also protect you whilst you sleep.

So what are some of the key areas of home security that you should consider?

We want you to use your alarm system not just when you go on holiday but even if you just go to the dairy. So to make it easy our alarms can be switched three different ways. By a single button press on the keypad, by the use of a remote keyfob or if you forget to switch the alarm on you can activate it whilst you are at the dairy by the app on your smartphone. One of the most common times to be broken into is when picking up the children form school so make sure you switch the alarm on every time you leave the house.

A range of detectors gives a choice of options

Dogs And Cats

Typically, Passive Infra Red movement detectors are used to protect the main areas of your home being the lounge, hall and main bedroom. Sometimes however the garage may need protecting and its not always possible to get a cable there. So we can ensure your alarm can have wireless detectors added. They remove the need for cabling and so allow parts of your home to be protected that might otherwise be too difficult or expensive to cover.

Dogs and cats under 36KG won’t trigger the alarm when you are away. We’ve designed the sensor to be less sensitive to motion close to the ground.If a door is opened when the alarm is switched on this will activate the alarm if the door has a hidden door reed switch fitted. It’s something the intruder cannot see so he is unaware of the device, until it’s too late.

Fire Protection

For protection against fire smoke detectors can be cabled into the alarm. The benefit is that you can be alerted to fire even if you are away from home. The Fire Brigade recommend you have a smoke detector located in each bedroom and one in the hall as you cannot smell smoke whilst you are asleep.

Alarm monitoring keeps you informed

By connecting your new alarm to your internet router the alarm will signal out for help when there is a break in. Immediately a security response officer will be sent to you home to ensure that all is safe and secure. If there is a problem when they get there the Police

Home Cam

Installing CCTV Cameras around the outside of your home enables you to capture all visitors into and around your property. CCTV Cameras enables you to look back on the recorded footage up to 30 days if ever there is an issue of concern. There are a variety of systems available to suit your budget and requirements.

Video intercoms allow you to identify visitors either at your gate or front door before allowing them into your home. This reassures anyone who may be home alone that they open the door only to people they know.

Keeping what you cherish safe is an important decision to make and by knowing what’s available to protect them you now can be sure to get it right.

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What is the best home security CCTV system?

Take a look at some features of the best home security CCTV system:

Camera Quality
Here are some factors to consider when it comes to home security CCTV cameras.

Field of View
The wider the fielder of view, the more area a camera can cover. But it’s important to note that a wider field of view will diminish the footage quality.

Gone are the days of grainy and pixelated videos. The latest cameras offer high definition recording and streaming from 2 megapixel upto 4k 8 megapixel cameras.

Motion & Audio Sensor
Detecting suspicious movement or sound is an excellent feature so that cameras can record everything 24 hours a day. At the same time external audio sound can be recorded too.

Night View
A home security CCTV system should work seamlessly during the day as well as the night. Make sure the security cameras are equipped with night viewing Infra Red illumination to give a view of the night time intruder.

How much does it cost to get a home security system installed?

The cost of professionally installing a home security system varies depending on a wide range of factors. The type of home security technology, number of cameras and brand are just a few factors that impact the cost.