How CCTV Cameras Can Reduce Workplace Theft

It’s a fact of life, theft is an opportunistic pastime.

Customers or employees see a chance to steal from your business and before you know it, you’re losing money. Police recommend that we remain vigilant to know what’s happening around us, but we can’t always be present and watching. That’s when investing in a commercial CCTV camera system really pays dividends.

Deterrence is Key to Reduce Workplace Theft

There are five key areas that workplace theft occurs in. They are:

• Stock
• Information & Data Theft
• Bogus Purchase Orders Made by Employees
• Payroll Fraud
• Misusing Corporate Credit Cards

CCTV cameras can help reduce workplace theft in these areas simply by being there. As a deterrent, security cameras force both employees and customers to think twice before taking property. However, they’re also smart and if they know you have a dummy camera or only ones in set locations, they’ll find a way to continue to take from you. Therefore it’s important to understand how to use CCTV cameras to help prevent theft published on our recent blog The Insiders Guide To Catching Thieves.

When you install your CCTV cameras, it’s important that you tell your staff and display signage which tells them they are being monitored. This is a requirement of the Privacy Law and you can read more about your responsibilities in another of our blogs CCTV Privacy Issues You Need to Be Aware Of.

Best Security Cameras to Stop Business Theft Occurring

We recommend using high definition CCTV cameras. As well as providing an exceptional picture quality, they can capture footage from both night and day. Even better, you can access live footage from your phone or tablet, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.

When it comes to identifying the best places to position your cameras, we can help! We offer a free site evaluation to help you choose the best vantage points and the type and number of cameras you need. Give us a call on 0800 425 576 to arrange a time suitable to meet with you.

Of the many benefits to a business for installing CCTV cameras, reducing employee and customer theft are only two of them. For the other five, check out our blog 7 Benefits You’ll Reap When Installing Business CCTV Cameras.

As experienced Auckland business CCTV camera installers, we’ll identify the right security system for your business, as well as install and maintain it for you too. Give us a call on 0800 425 576 and stop business theft today.

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