How To Monitor Your Workplace Entrances To Improve Security

You’ve probably identified that the exits and entrances to your workplace are a security risk. To minimise this risk to your employees, customers, the physical premises, equipment and stock, you must monitor your workplace entrances.

But how exactly can you do this without breaking the bank? Here are five simple and affordable ways you can monitor your workplace entrances.

5 Ways to Monitor Your Workplace Entrances

When it comes to the security of your business premises anywhere within the Auckland region, you can’t be too careful. Crime reaches every suburb, including Highland Park which is where we’re based out of. Like you, workplace security is high on our priority list and we understand that not every business has the budget to afford expensive security systems. That’s why today we’re going to focus on five affordable and easy ways you can monitor your workplace entrances.

  1. Access Control Systems – you can’t always be at work to stop people entering your building, but a keyless entry system can! An access control system is pre-programmed to let only certain people enter specific parts of your workplace. The system can be accessed remotely, letting you monitor your workplace entrances without being present. You can also make instant decisions on door functions and access rights from anywhere you have internet access. Smartair access control systems are also 25% cheaper than other card entry systems, making them great value for money.
  2. CCTV Security Cameras – not only are CCTV cameras an excellent crime deterrent, they also let you see who has entered and exited your building if installed in the correct positions. When choosing an HDTV CCTV system, ensure it has both excellent editable day and night time footage capabilities, plus being able to send live footage directly to your phone.
  3. Inferno Sound Barrier – when someone enters through an alarmed entrance without authorisation, an Inferno Sound Barrier will send them packing immediately. It makes a debilitating sound which forces people to leave immediately. This is a great solution to have in tandem with a monitored alarm system.
  4. Security Alarm Systems – the good old burglar alarms are still a defence in monitoring who is entering and exiting your property when you are not there. Once set, the alarm will activate if unauthorised entry is gained, sending you and/or your monitoring company, an alert instantly.
  5. Arrangement of Your Office – to keep an eye on who comes into your office, rearrange where desks are faced. This ensures that employee will see whenever someone enters your workplace.

If you’d like some professional advice on these and other ways to monitor your workplace entrances, we’re here to help. Send us an email or give us a call on 0800425 576 today and let’s improve your business’ security now.

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