How to Reduce Employee Theft in Your Restaurant

Employee theft is nothing new in restaurants. From cash out of the till, to taking alcohol out the back door, employees know that the chances of being caught are small.

This is unless of course, that you take steps to reduce employee theft in your restaurant. We’ve put together a collection of tips you can start working through today to improve your restaurant’s security.

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Employee Theft in Your Restaurant

There are so many ways employees can steal from our restaurants that we can’t name them all! Instead, we’re going to focus on five of the main ways employee theft occurs and give you tips on how to reduce these occurrences.

  1. Stealing from the till – while it will quickly become apparent if money is missing from your takings, it can be hard knowing who took it. Installing security cameras overlooking your cash register is one way to make it easy to identify any cash thieves.
  2. Removing food and drink – a common ploy is to ‘take the rubbish out.’ Sure, the rubbish is taken to the bins out the back, but along with it can go cash and your restaurant’s stock or assets. Then once their shift is finished, they return to these bins to take home their booty. To prevent this, make it harder for an employee to exit your restaurant unnoticed. This includes installing access control systems on your external doors, CCTV cameras near the exits and the rubbish bins, and use clear plastic rubbish bags which let you see what is inside.
  3. Eating food from the kitchen – one of the easiest ways to stop the unauthorised consumption of food is to provide your employees with free meals. It’s also a great perk for your staff and encourages employee loyalty too.
  4. Overpouring alcoholic drinks – it’s easy for bar staff to overpour drinks, giving doubles to customers when they should have been singles for instance. This results in your alcohol bill being much higher than it should have been. Keeping an accurate stocktake of the bar area, plus the installation of security cameras can help reduce employee theft here.
  5. Giving food away – sometimes you’ll find employees giving unauthorised discounts or even free food to your customers. They may do this for friends and family or simply take the customer’s money, but not ring up the sale through the till. Restaurant surveillance and monitoring is a good step in stopping this from happening. Make sure you let your employees know your expectations and what happens if they are disregarded.

For advice on how you can reduce employee theft in your restaurant, we’re here to help. Give us a call on 0800 425 576 for a chat and let’s arrange a time to identify ways we can help improve your restaurant’s security.

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