Inferno Sound Barrier Package Deal

Inferno Sound Barrier – Wireless system

Business and Home SecurityThis system consists of an Inferno Sound Barrier, an infra-red motion detector and two remote control units for arming/disarming. A perfect solution for a huge array of installations, from temporary offices to cargo vehicles, storage sheds to insecure and/or temporary storage facilities.

Upon detecting an intruder, the Wireless System will notify via SMS up to 5 mobile phones. In the meantime, the sound barrier will activate and force the intruder to exit immediately.

Inferno Sound Barrier Security ControlThis system not only provides a high level of protection via the powerful Intenso sound barrier, and adds an extra layer of security by virtue of its ability to report activation via SMS.

If you wish to forcibly evict an intruder, but also to be instantly notified of the activation, then the Wireless System is the best choice. The system is armed and disarmed via remote control, and is very simple to setup. A SIM card is inserted into the communication module to permit the dispatch of notification messages.

Home Security Installation Plan

This is a self install system and comes complete with free magnetic attachments if installation into containers is required.

The Inferno Sound Barrier Wireless is $1,995 plus GST

(plus post and packing to anywhere in New Zealand)

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