The Inferno Sound Barrier

Driving Intruders Off Your Premises

Inferno Sound Barrier – The Perfect Defence
Against theft for Homes and Businesses

Once a commercial alarm system is activated, it takes on average 17 minutes for a security guard to arrive at the business premises. Burglars can steal and vandalise a lot of your assets in 17 minutes!

Except if you have an Inferno Sound Barrier alarm added to your alarm system. Measuring 125dB, the noise produced by this high tech wireless alarm is intolerable to humans. The sound literally forces intruders to leave your business premises immediately! By reducing the time an intruder is inside your business, you reduce their ability to inflict damage and loss, saving you money.

Installing a Sound Barrier Alarm at Your Auckland Business

Forget your normal alarm siren. They simply tell the burglar their presence has been noticed, but that they still have time to steal and vandalise your property. An Inferno Sound Barrier removes that time by producing a noise so debilitating that it disrupts their ability to function mentally. With eight oscillating tones at a frequency range of 2-5kHz, the noise cannot be ignored like a conventional siren can as it is intolerable to the human ear.

Once the alarm has been triggered, the intensity of noise the Inferno generates, forces the in truder to exit immediately. An intruder is likely to suffer from symptoms such as nausea, the inability to concentrate or communicate, vertigo and disorientation caused by the Inferno. Any burglar doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to the Inferno Sound Barrier!

Team a Light Deterrent with Your Commercial Security Alarm

If it wasn’t enough to debilitate an intruder with sound, we’ll do it with light too! The Inferno Strobe Light Barrier is designed specifically to work in tandem with the Sound Barrier. It produces an extremely bright white and flashing light which temporarily stops the intruder from seeing. Together, the Inferno Sound and Light Barrier deterrents are no match for even the hardiest burglar!

Most effective in darkened environments, the unstable light produced by the strobe light stops a person’s eyes adapting, producing temporary vision disturbances. With a 1500W and 10A fuse rating, the strobe light is ideal for integrating within your existing wiring. As no large demand is put onto the mains wiring when in use, it is suitable for installing in a wide range of commercial buildings.

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Stop tempting fate once you have left your home or business. Install an Inferno Sound and Light Barrier system today. Our friendly team of Auckland security alarm professionals are highly experienced in both the installation and maintenance of all types of security systems.

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