Mechanical Vs Electronic Door Locks: Which One is Best?

Needing to keep our homes and businesses secure is the main reason we have door locks. Having been around for thousands of years, they’ve changed significantly in the way they are built and used.

In Ancient Egypt, locksmiths created simple wooden pin tumbler locks. The Romans and Greeks introduced metal into their locks and started using iron locks which offered more protection. Then in the 18th century, several locksmiths built locks whose mechanisms are still replicated today. Linus Yale Sr invented the first pin tumbler lock and Jeremiah Chubb the detector lock, both names we recognise in the security industry today.

Types of Door Locks We Use Today

When it comes to the door locks of today, there are two main types: mechanical and electronic door locks. Mechanical are the traditional locks most houses and businesses use. These include deadbolts, knob locks, levers and mortise locks. However, as technology adapts and burglars become more crafty, mechanical locks are often allowing easy unauthorised entry. Also, as a mechanical lock always requires a key, they are not fully secure as keys can be lost and copied to allow unauthorised access too.

Electronic door locks, or digital door locks as they are also known, don’t need keys to work. They provide greater security or access control than mechanical door locks because they’re:

  • Card entry only, no keys needed
  • Battery operated, no mains supply necessary
  • Can be used on existing doors
  • Wireless and wirefree
  • Quick and easy to install
  • User friendly

An electronic door lock or access control system also gives you information on who accessed where and when. You also can immediately control the areas people can access simply by updating their entry card.

Advantages of Electronic Door Locks

Our Smartair Access Control System, or electronic door locks, are the best on the market. Smartair is a highly reputable brand and one we recommend to all our commercial clients. Reliable and cost efficient, they offer three levels of access control and are up to 25% cheaper than the competition!

There are three great advantages to switching your commercial building’s access to digital door locks:

  • Increased control over who can enter your workplace
  • Quick and easy installation, with minimal fuss
  • Increased convenience and no more lost keys!

If you’re not certain that an access control or electronic lock system is right for your business, take a read of our article to learn the five signs which show it’s time to install an access control system. Or simply give us a call on 0800 42 55 76 and we’ll discuss the pros and cons with you at a time and place which suits you.

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