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Botany Downs Homeowners Regain Security with Advanced 6-Camera CCTV System

Feeling safe at home is essential for peace of mind, but various factors, such as break-ins and neighbourhood disturbances, can jeopardise this sense of security. A dependable CCTV system can assist homeowners in monitoring their property, gathering evidence, and deterring illegal activity. 

Recently, a family in Botany Downs decided to enhance their home security by installing a comprehensive CCTV system following a troubling break-in.

Project Overview

After a frightening break-in, a homeowner in Botany Downs, Auckland, requested that we install an extensive CCTV system. Concerns regarding targeted surveillance and possible harm to their dog surfaced after valuable jewellery and electronic equipment were stolen during a brief two-hour absence. Our goal was to increase the homeowner's sense of security and comfort.

The Challenges

  1. Recent break-in and theft of valuable jewellery and electronics.
  2. Break-in occurred during a rare two-hour absence in an otherwise well-occupied week.
  3. Concerns about potential targeted surveillance and the possibility of the dog being drugged.
  4. Requirement for continuous monitoring and immediate, real-time alerts.

Our Solution

We installed a six-camera CCTV system to provide extensive coverage and advanced security features:

  1. Five 6-megapixel Uniview turret cameras for 24/7 recording and real-time alerts.
  2. One Triguard 4K camera is positioned at the front door and driveway, enabling the homeowner to communicate with intruders and deter them using a microphone and spotlight.
  3. All cameras are connected to an 8-channel Uniview recorder with 8 terabytes of storage, ensuring up to 30 days of recordings.

The Benefits

Our advanced CCTV system installation has significantly improved the homeowner's security. With comprehensive coverage and innovative functions, the new setup provides the highest protection and reassurance possible.

  1. Continuous monitoring and recording of all activities around the property.
  2. Real-time alerts for immediate awareness of any intrusions.
  3. Enhanced communication and deterrence capabilities with the Triguard 4K camera.
  4. Improved peace of mind and sense of security for the homeowner.

Project Cost

The entire project, including all equipment, installation, and setup, was completed for a total cost of $4,908 (including GST). This investment ensures top-notch security and peace of mind for the homeowner, providing exceptional value for the comprehensive protection offered.

Botany Downs Homeowners Regain Security with Advanced 6-Camera CCTV System project cost


Our comprehensive CCTV installation has provided the homeowners in Botany Downs with a strong security solution, ensuring their safety and peace of mind. They can now rest easy knowing their home is safe, thanks to real-time notifications and strong deterrence measures.

Ready to enhance your home security? For the peace of mind you deserve, call us at (800) 425-576 to learn how our innovative security solutions can help. Let All Round Security protect what matters most.

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