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Comprehensive CCTV Solutions for East Tamaki Print Factory

In the face of rising security issues, including misplaced items, employee safety hazards, and theft of vehicles, we have rolled out a resilient six-camera CCTV system designed to enhance surveillance across key areas of operations. It offers thorough monitoring in important areas, guaranteeing improved security and safety.

Project Overview

Located in Auckland's bustling industrial area of East Tamaki, the client, a print factory, faced many security challenges that impacted their operations. Concerns ranged from missing deliveries at reception to threats to staff safety around heavy machinery and the overnight vandalism of parked vehicles. 

The Challenges

The primary challenges were as follows:

  1. Lost Delivery: Often, things put in the reception area need to be recovered or taken. 
  1. Employee Safety: It was crucial to make sure that employees were safe while the massive, possibly hazardous apparatus was in use. 
  1. Vehicle Security: There were frequent instances of tampering and security breaches with company automobiles parked outside.

Our Solution

CCTV Solutions for East Tamaki Print Factory

To resolve these security concerns, we suggested installing an advanced CCTV surveillance system that includes:

  1. Six High-Resolution Cameras: One 4K Triguard camera and five 6-megapixel Uniview turret cameras positioned strategically across the entire facility.
  1. Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: Integration with mobile technology to send instant alerts to the manager, including video notifications and the ability for remote communication.

The Benefits

There are several benefits to the recently installed CCTV system:

  1. Enhanced Security: Continuous monitoring has significantly reduced theft and unauthorised access.
  1. Increased Staff Safety: By enabling real-time monitoring of the production floor, the cameras speed up the response time to any possible safety accidents.
  1. Vehicle Protection: The 4K Triguard camera provides 24/7 surveillance of the parking area, deterring vandalism and theft. In addition to sending alarms during the night if someone is close to the vehicles, it also provides high-resolution images for easier identification. The Triguard floodlight alerts intruders and plays a pre-recorded message to keep them away.
  1. Operational Control: The manager can now keep an eye on all important areas from the comfort of his desk, which enhances overall production premises management.

Project Cost

Project Total Cost$6,584 plus GST
Equipment IncludedOne 4K Triguard Camera and Five 6-megapixel Uniview Turret Cameras
An 8 channel DVR unit with 8TB hard drive
Installation and SetupIncluded in the total cost
Additional FeaturesRemote live video viewing on smartphones or laptops

The installation of our CCTV system, which includes six high-definition cameras along with necessary hardware and software, was executed with a budget of $6,584 plus GST. The 4K Triguard model for improved night vision, premium Uniview cameras, and reliable alert systems for instantaneous security monitoring are all covered by this investment.

The cost also includes thorough testing to guarantee operational integrity, system design for maximum coverage, and comprehensive onsite installation by professionals. This proactive investment has proven its worth numerous times by strengthening the premises and guaranteeing long-term decreases in possible loss and liability.


This comprehensive CCTV system installation has significantly improved the print factory's security environment, effectively addressing all initial concerns. The factory now operates in a safer, more controlled environment, which is essential to its ongoing success.

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