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Transforming Commercial Property Security in Newmarket, Auckland

Security for commercial property is more important than ever in today's world. Modern and dependable surveillance systems are necessary to safeguard your resources, employees, and clients from possible dangers. 

We at All Round Security recognise the value of strong security measures. Recently, we had the opportunity to enhance the security of a commercial property in Newmarket, Auckland, by upgrading its outdated CCTV system with modern equipment

Project Overview

We collaborated with a commercial property in Newmarket, Auckland, which had an existing three-camera system that was about seven years old. The system encountered problems with unauthorised individuals accessing the property at night and on weekends, interfering with cars in the parking lot, and attempting to enter the property through the back doors.

The Challenges

  1. Existing cameras were outdated and failed to provide adequate security.
  2. Unauthorised individuals were interfering with cars and attempting to break into the property.
  3. The property manager needed a solution that provided real-time alerts and the ability to respond to intrusions.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we proposed and implemented the following solutions:

  1. Upgraded the three external cameras overlooking the car park and driveway entrance to 8-megapixel 4K Tri Guard cameras.
  2. Installed a fourth camera to cover the rear door and garden area.
  3. Upgraded the 4-channel CCTV recorder to an 8-channel recorder with 4 terabytes of storage.

The Benefits

Our solution provided several key benefits to the client, enhancing their overall security infrastructure:

  1. Enhanced surveillance with high-resolution 4K cameras.
  2. Real-time alerts to the property manager when intruders are detected.
  3. Ability to communicate with intruders via the camera's microphone and spotlight.
  4. Improved coverage of vulnerable areas, including the rear door.
  5. Increased recording capacity with an upgraded 8-channel recorder.

Project Cost

The total cost of the installation was $3,450 plus GST. This included the installation of four new Tri Guard cameras, an 8-channel CCTV recorder with 4 terabytes of storage, and all necessary upgrades and configurations. This investment has provided the property with a strong and dependable security system, ensuring full security.

Transforming Commercial Property Security in Newmarket, Auckland project cost


Our upgrade provided the commercial property with a modern and dependable CCTV system, greatly improving their security measures. The property manager now has peace of mind knowing they can monitor and respond to any intrusions effectively.

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