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  • Designed to alert you when someone is on your property. 

  • Deter an intruder from going any further.

NEW FOR 2023
The groundbreaking R.A.I.D camera system turns the CCTV camera from a passive recording system into an Active Deterrent to the intruder.
The new R.A.I.D system tells the intruder they have been detected and to leave your property now! At long last, day or night, you can be sure any intruder will be fully aware they have been seen.
Whether it's your car, your garden and shed, or your house we have the CCTV system that actively fights back on your behalf.
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R.A.I.D CCTV cameras have a range of features, of which you can choose some or all of them depending on your circumstances. 
24 hours a day 7 days a week, 4k CCTV footage can be reviewed and given to the Police and your insurance company in the event someone is on your property.
When an intruder crosses a “Cross Line” on your boundary, a txt notification is sent to your smartphone together with a video clip of who is on your property.
To let the intruder know they have been detected, a spotlight on the camera will switch on to light up and scare off the intruder. This also helps give colour pictures at night to help with identification for the Police.
A pre-recorded message will tell the intruder to leave the property, so deterring them from coming any further. When you have received the “ Cross line “ alert on your smartphone, the microphone in the camera will allow you to deliver your own personal message, live to the intruder through the app. You can tell them to kindly leave your property, or more directly ” Get the heck off my drive!”
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CCTV Security Cameras & Security Systems Installation in Auckland

If you need to secure your business premises or home, it’s essential you get the RIGHT solution for your unique needs.

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Who are we?

At All Round Security, we specialise in providing the best CCTV camera installation service for both home purposes in Auckland. With a sole aim to deliver a personalised level of service for CCTV cameras systems, we are one of the most trusted security teams in Auckland.

With over 20 years in the security industry, we will provide you with the right CCTV security camera system for your home. We do this by evaluating your home to identify the best type, placement and number of CCTV cameras needed. We offer a complete security service, supplying, designing, installing and maintaining your surveillance camera systems to give you that all important peace of mind.

What do we do?

We install high-quality High Definition CCTV systems which you will find is one of the best investments for your home that you can make. As well as providing you with video access on your PC tablet or smartphone, you also can access footage from the past 30, 60 or even 90 days. You can then take the footage to the Police for evidence and even prosecution.

All of our cameras come with night vision by using Infra Red illumination to enable your security cameras to see what's happening through the night.
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