Reduce Your Health and Safety Risks Using CCTV Cameras

More than a buzz word, health and safety in the workplace is something regulated by law. In 2016, the Health and Safety act put the responsibility on businesses to reduce workplace health and safety risks.

Since then, business owners have found that CCTV cameras play an important role in reducing workplace accidents and injuries.

How CCTV Cameras Can Reduce Workplace Health and Safety Risks

A workplace CCTV or closed-circuit television system camera captures footage of what happens in your workplace. There are many benefits other than security reasons for using business CCTV cameras. Here are six reasons how it can specifically may reduce workplace health and safety risks.

1. Reduce Workplace Violence & Crime

Business security cameras alert people that their actions are being monitored. As a deterrent, they reduce acts of violence, vandalism and theft occurring. This keeps your workplace and employees safe from harm.

2. Keep Staff Following Procedures
You can have all the policies in place and fully trained your staff, but if they don’t follow them, accidents can happen. A CCTV camera system will help you identify those not following procedures for retraining purposes.

3. Identify Real Life Risks
Monitoring what is happening around your workplace helps you identify hazards you may not have noticed. It also shows you if your policies are being followed and if they are, how they are working.

4. Provide Examples for Training
Real life examples of workplace accidents are useful for collecting for training purposes. You need to ensure that your Privacy Policy allows this though.

5. Real-Time Alerts of Problems
Keep an eye on what is happening with a security camera. You will be able to monitor machinery and systems in real time. This lets you act before an accident occurs.

6. Monitor Delivery Areas

An inwards and outwards goods area is a huge hazard. Not only can it provide an avenue for unauthorised access, but it can be very dangerous. Moving vehicles can cause serious injuries and even death. Having CCTV cameras here can help you identify problems and use footage as evidence if necessary.

Keep Your Business Safe Using  CCTV Cameras

We design, install and maintain business CCTV cameras within the greater Auckland region. Give us a call on 0800 425 576 to arrange a free site evaluation of your workplace. We’ll come back with a plan specific to your business’ needs to help you improve your workplace health and safety record.

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