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Commercial Alarm Monitoring Auckland – We’ll Watch Your Business When You Can’t

Your business alarm is only as good as the monitoring service it receives. When your alarm is activated, will anyone notice or even visit your site?

We offer a monitored alarm service for Auckland business owners and managers who need to know their workplace is safe and secure. Our alarm monitoring service:

Connects to any alarm

Monitors for alarm activation, mains failure, low battery & anti tampering

Contacts you if your alarm is disarmed during the weekend

Allows you to disarm your alarm remotely via smartphone

Stop Being On Call – Let Us Monitor Your Business Alarm Instead

Forget being on call 24/7. By connecting your commercial alarm system to our alarm monitoring service, we’ll receive and respond to all alarm activations on your behalf. This can include contacting specific people and sending dispatch assistance to your workplace.

Benefits of having a monitored alarm system for your business include:

24 hour 7 day a week alarm monitoring

Peace of mind

Remote alarm & disarm of your alarm via smartphone

Possibly lower your insurance premiums

Reduce time an intruder has unattended in your premises

100% response rate to every alarm activation

Immediate dispatch of security personnel if requested

Take Control of Your Business Security Systems

As part of our business alarm monitoring services, we offer our clients access to our Monitoring App. This turns your smartphone into a powerful tool which can access and control your alarm systems.

Some of the many features include:

Arm and disarm your alarm remotely

Dispatch or stand down a security patrol response

Contact our alarm monitoring station

Add, edit and view alarm users

Check status of your alarm

Add, edit and view sensor zone names

Read Monitoring Station intrusion reports

Check when your alarm was turned on & off

Today is the day your business stops welcoming intruders

Find out how our monitored alarm service can help your business and give you back your peace of mind.

Call us on 0800 425 576. Your bottom line will thank you for it!