Tips on Choosing an Alarm Monitoring Company

Your alarm monitoring company is your property’s eyes and ears. They’ll be monitoring your alarm for any activations and will act upon these according to your instructions.

You need to be able to put your trust in their monitoring service, which is why choosing the right alarm monitoring company is vital. We’ve put together a collection of tips to help you choose the right company to meet your needs.

alarm monitoring company

How to Pick the Best Alarm Monitoring Company

In Auckland, there are plenty of monitoring companies to select from. Most will provide you with great service, with some lacking the qualities others have. While we offer our customers both an excellent residential home alarm and commercial alarm monitoring service, we do appreciate that customers have a choice. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the best alarm monitoring service for you.

  • Costs – find out how much the service is per month and if there are any minimum terms or penalty fees.
  • Check reviews – social proof is important when making a decision. Check out reviews or testimonials from people who have used their alarm monitoring services.
  • Smartphone options – are you notified via your smartphone when an alarm is activated? Alternatively, is a phone call required? Can you disarm the alarm via your phone?
  • Dispatch of security personnel – is someone sent to your property upon alarm activation or do you need to request it? How soon can someone be dispatched?
  • Locality – where does the monitoring occur? Are the people aware of the correct geographical location of your property? Do they have mobile security teams based in your area?
  • Monitoring type – is your property monitored for fire, smoke and panic alerts too, or just unauthorised access?

Undertaking Due Diligence when Choosing an Alarm Monitoring Company

Like with other important purchases, due diligence is essential to help you select the right alarm monitoring business. Often this can be done by asking the company questions about how long they have been in business, experience in monitoring properties like yours, what industry training they have undertaken and what their response rate to alarm activations is. Asking to speak with past and present clients is always a good idea too!

We strongly believe that the security alarms we provide and our alarm monitoring services are some of the best you’ll find within the Auckland region. We welcome the chance to talk with you about a cost-effective solution to your security issues and look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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