When Should You Should Upgrade To A Card Access Control System?

Controlling who enters and exits your business, your access control system deserves far more praise than it gets.

Unfortunately, it is often ignored until things start to go wrong or it is unable to cope anymore. But by being proactive and looking out for signs which show it’s time to change you access control system, you can avoid those annoying repairs and improve your workplace security.

5 Signs You Need to Upgrade To A Card Access Control System 

There are five signs which demonstrate that it’s time to install a card access control system. They are:

  1. Your company has had a break-in – a break in is a sign that things aren’t okay with your workplace security. Whether or not anything was stolen or damaged, it just shouldn’t happen. A break in doesn’t always involve a forced entry: often a key is used. Ex-employees who never returned keys or made copies of their keys, as well as lost keys, are a prime example of how keys just can’t be relied on to keep your business secure.
  2. You’ve recruited more employees – you may have an access control system designed for ten employees. But what happens if you expand to 12 or even 30 employees? To ensure all of your staff can access the areas they need to, you’ll need to change your access control system. A wireless Smartair access control system has three levels of control is 25% cheaper than other card entry systems!
  3. You don’t have remote access – if you’re not at work, you won’t know what’s happening or be able to change anything. Updating to a modern access control system which offers wireless remote access lets you make instant decisions to access rights and door functions.
  4. Staff spend too much time hunting for keys – do your staff need to carry around large bunches of keys? Are they needing to stop to find the right key before they can enter an area or room? By changing to a new card system, they’ll only need one card which can be programmed to allow them access to specific areas of your choosing.
  5. Your existing access control system is outdated – technology is constantly changing. What was a top of the line access control system a decade ago is outdated now. By changing to a newer system you’ll get additional features and avoid those annoying and expensive repair jobs!

As Auckland’s most trusted security team, we’d love to discuss with you the benefits of a Smartair keyless entry system for your business. Give us a call today on 0800 425 576 or send us a message through our Contact page.

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