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Protecting Your Business

A strong security system is essential for businesses of all sizes. Commercial security cameras are an effective means to deter crime, increase general safety, and obtain valuable data about how your business is managed.

At All Round Security, we understand how important it is to protect the assets of your business. Our advanced commercial security cameras provide unmatched safety for a range of industries.
Protecting your Business with cctv security

High Definition Business CCTV Security Cameras

Business security systems are widespread amongst most businesses within Auckland and the rest of New Zealand.

Investing in High Definition CCTV technology is essential and often seen as a security need for your business.

CCTV Camera Installation Services: Explore Our Range!

Health Care
  • Designed to alert you when someone is on your premises 

  • Deter an intruder from going any further

Whether it's your car park, your containers or your yard, we have the CCTV system that actively fights back on your behalf.
The groundbreaking R.A.I.D camera system turns the CCTV camera from a passive recording system into an Active Deterrent to the intruder.
The new R.A.I.D system tells the intruder they have been detected and to leave your premises now! At long last, day or night, you can be sure any intruder will be fully aware they have been seen.
R.A.I.D CCTV cameras have a range of features, of which you can choose some or all of them depending on your circumstances. 
24 hours a day 7 days a week, 4k CCTV footage can be reviewed and given to the Police and your insurance company in the event someone is on your premises.
When an intruder crosses a “Cross Line” on your boundary, a txt notification is sent to your smartphone together with a video clip of who is on your premises.
To let the intruder know they have been detected, a spotlight on the camera will switch on to light up and scare off the intruder. This also helps give colour pictures at night to help with identification for the Police.
A pre-recorded message will tell the intruder to leave the premises, so deterring them from coming any further. When you have received the “ Cross line “ alert on your smartphone, the microphone in the camera will allow you to deliver your own personal message, live to the intruder through the app. You can tell them to kindly leave your premises, or more directly ” Get the heck off my yard!”


Ensure the safety and security of your workplace with our advanced office security camera systems. Our cameras can be used for entry-point surveillance or keeping an eye on sensitive areas. They provide high-definition video and insightful data to improve security measures.

Commercial Buildings

Protect your commercial property with our customised surveillance solutions for commercial buildings. Our cameras, with their wide-angle coverage and remote access capabilities, help to deter potential threats while also providing real-time monitoring for additional security.

Transport and Logistics

Every second matters in the quick-paced world of transport and logistics. Our commercial security cameras integrate seamlessly with your logistics operations, allowing you to monitor shipments, loading docks, and vehicle fleets with reliability and effectiveness.


Strong security protocols are the first step towards effective warehouse management. Modern features like motion detection and night vision on our warehouse security camera systems guarantee 24-hour monitoring to safeguard your priceless items.


Using our commercial security solutions with a hospitality focus, you can make the workplace safe and secure for both employees and visitors. From hotels to restaurants, our cameras offer comprehensive coverage to easily monitor public areas, parking lots, and back-of-house spaces.


Our commercial security cameras can help you deter theft and prevent losses. With flexible setups and advanced analytics, our cameras help retail businesses enhance security strategies and minimise risks, boosting overall profitability and the customer experience.


Ensure manufacturing efficiency with our commercial security cameras. Built tough for harsh environments, they offer high-resolution footage and intelligent monitoring for smooth operations and protection against unathorised access.

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Benefits of using R.A.I.D include:

Benefits of CCTV security camera business
Notifications to your smartphone
Benefits of CCTV security camera business
Camera Flood light activation
Benefits of CCTV security camera business
Audible warning to leave now
Benefits of CCTV security camera business
Live footage direct to your phone or tablet
Benefits of CCTV security camera business
Night vision enabled cameras
Benefits of CCTV security camera business
Clearer pictures for better identification
Benefits of CCTV security camera business
Pan or tilting cameras
Benefits of CCTV security camera business
Number plate recognition technology
Benefits of CCTV security camera business
Instant snapshot capture
Benefits of CCTV security camera business
Footage reviews of past 30, 60 or 90 days

Choosing The Best Business/Office Surveillance Camera Systems for You

Installing a high-quality High Definition CCTV system is the best investment your business can make. As well as providing you with video access control both on and offsite via your tablet or smartphone, you also can access footage of an incident from the past 30, 60 or 90 days. You can then take the footage into a Health and Safety or staff meeting and even give copies to the police or interested parties.

With over 20 years in the security industry, we will provide you with the right CCTV security camera system for your business. Our experienced technicians do this by listening to what you want to achieve, careful planning and then evaluating your workplace site to identify the best type, placement and number of CCTV cameras, wireless components, fire alarms and other systems needed. We offer various security options. We provide complete security service, supplying, designing, installing, professional monitoring and maintaining your video surveillance camera systems to give you that all-important peace of mind.

Contact us at 0800 425 576 to know more about our best business security and home security systems installation services in Auckland. With our aim to deliver a personalised level of residential and commercial security system installation, we are known to be one of the most trusted security companies in Auckland.
We only recommend High Definition CCTV camera systems. With exceptional picture quality, you can focus on small details like never before.
With the wide range of security cameras, alarm systems and recording software on the market, we can offer you an integrated security solution that fits your needs and your budget.
At All Round Security we put your security needs first and provide specialised solutions to handle specific issues in a range of industries. You can count on our comprehensive range of commercial security cameras and expert support to effectively protect your business.
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