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4 Features Your Security Camera System Should Have

Are you considering the type and features your home's security camera system should include to offer the best possible protection? 

It is not just a precaution to secure your property in Auckland; it is a need. As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your family is protected and that any threats to your property are dealt with. Getting this piece of mind in the modern digital era can be accomplished most efficiently by investing in a dependable security camera system.

Did you know that the chance of a burglary in Auckland is 300% higher for homes without security systems? This statistic highlights how crucial it is to have strong security measures in place to prevent intruders and protect your property.

These features—which range from capturing clear, sharp video to offering 24-hour surveillance—are essential for guaranteeing the efficacy and dependability of your security arrangements. Rest assured, the top 10 home CCTV cameras in Auckland integrate these essential features, ensuring comprehensive protection for your home. 

This blog aims to help you with helpful insights into choosing the right security camera system for your Auckland home. 

4 Must-Have Features for Your Home Security Camera System

Here are the 5 essential features (RAID) and 1 bonus feature that every homeowner should consider before purchasing their security camera system.

The new R.A.I.D system—your proactive defence against intruders. R.A.I.D CCTV cameras make sure that intruders are aware that their presence has been noticed, whether they are protecting your vehicle, garden, shed, or residence. 

R.A.I.D offers 24/7 monitoring and customisable solutions for protecting the things that are most important to you.

1. Record

Record Features for Home Security Cameras

Our top feature is continuous high-definition video recording. Clearly record any suspicious behaviour, day or night. With 24/7 access to 4K CCTV footage, you can instantly provide crucial evidence to authorities and insurance companies.

2. Alert

Alert Features for Home Security Camera

Another crucial feature is real-time alerts with customisable motion detection zones. Get real-time alerts on your smartphone whenever movement is detected, allowing you to differentiate between minor disruptions and potential dangers. 

Additionally, "cross-line" boundary detection allows you to receive video clips and text notifications of intruders on your property, allowing you to take quick action from anywhere at any time.

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3. Illuminate

Illuminate Features for Home Security Cameras

Choose smart security cameras with integrated LED lights or connections to external illumination. Illuminate and deter intruders while improving nighttime video footage quality. When motion is detected, the camera's spotlight illuminates, signalling detection and providing coloured images for easier identification, assisting law enforcement.

4. Deter

Fiind intruders using CCTV

To effectively discourage intruders, use CCTV cameras that stand out and have a distinct, recognisable look. With features like a pre-recorded message to deter intruders and the ability to deliver your own live message through the app upon receiving a "Cross Line" alert on your smartphone, you can assertively communicate with trespassers, telling them to please leave your property or, more directly, "Get the heck off my drive!"


We hope that this blog has helped you understand the five key features that a security camera system has to include in order to completely protect your Auckland home. 

Keep in mind that purchasing a dependable security camera system is an investment in protecting more than just your belongings—it's an investment in protecting your peace of mind. 

Still have questions or are you ready to take the next step? Please contact us at  0800 42 55 76 without delay. Our top priority is keeping you safe!

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