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Case Study: CCTV Technology Saves Business Security Costs

Smart Thinking for Challenging Security Needs

So here was the challenge. A compound full of attractive high value vehicles had to be protected. The client’s premises are on a main road, on a corner opposite a public reserve. Across the road was a gang house and the gang had been active in the area for a while.

Protect an Open Compound


The area to protect was approximately 100 metres long by 50 metres wide and had a fence approximately 1.5 metres high on two sides with residential homes on the other two sides. The client had been spending over $100,000 per annum on having a business security guard on site 12 hours a day 7 days a week. There was a caravan onsite and the guard toured the compound regularly and then spent the remaining time observing the compound through the night.

Show that Good Security Doesn’t Cost – It Pays!


The client was keen to reduce the 100k annual security spend and so have been getting proposals from other guarding companies that dispensed with the guard on site but had a mobile patrol attend the site at least 10 times per night to check all was well. The annual ongoing cost? $70,000pa! The task was to see if that $70,000 could be reduced without reducing the business security cover. The answer was in the use of technology as opposed to man power.

Personalised Security using Latest Technology

A site survey and measurement showed the compound could be virtually covered 100% by CCTV night vision cameras. The cameras had to be site no more than three meters high so as to be able to give clear facial recognition. Most CCTV cameras are sited far too high but the 3 metre height gave great pictures. Additionally point to point infra red beams surrounded the site meaning any one who entered the compound after hours generated a silent alarm call to the monitoring station. The monitoring operators immediately looked at the CCTV cameras online and could view all of the cameras live from the monitoring station. The agreement was if any one at all was seen in the compound at night, no matter who they were, a security guard was sent immediately to the site.

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Exceptional Result for Client – Value and Security!

The remote viewing CCTV system and external beam set gave constant electronic protection to the compound all through the night and in three years there has never been any one illegally entering the site. But the customers greatest satisfaction was that the whole system cost $35,000 as a one off cost, and just $2,500 per annum in quarterly preventive maintenance visits. Smart use of technology paid off both from a business security perspective as well as a good Return On Investment case as well.

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