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Case Study: Staff Monitoring Using CCTV

Case Study Staff Monitoring Using CCTV

Revealing Hidden Benefits of CCTV through Staff Monitoring

A large commercial company had concerns about theft and loss in its new complex recently opened in Auckland.

Despite the fact there were many long serving staff at the site the stock takes had never really tallied over several years. This was put down to poor stock keeping as opposed to any possible theft issues. After all, these were trusted staff members… weren’t they?

The new premises had a well controlled inventory system and the company had decided to invest in a CCTV system to be in and working as the staff transferred into the new warehouse.

HD CCTV Brings Clarity to Stock Shrinkage

All Round Security were awarded the contract to install 12 high definition CCTV cameras recording onto a network digital video recorder.

The products chosen were from the Hik Vision range of High Definition cameras and recorders. Hik Vision is the no.1 company in the world for the manufacture of High Definition CCTV recorders and cameras.

Externally the 3 Megapixel Wide Dynamic Infra Red dome camera was the camera of choice. 3 Megapixels ensure that car number plates are clearly recorded and the Wide Dynamic feature copes with varying light levels and reflective surface to ensure a good crisp picture is recorded. The infra red capability gave good night time pictures too.

Internally 2 Mega Pixel dome cameras were sited around the office and warehouse to view activity at key parts of the business.

Cat5 e cable was installed around the premises to create a CCTV cable infra structure separate from the companies IT cabling.

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Do You Have A Record of Events

All the cameras record onto an 80 megabytes per second Hik Vision network video recorder. The cameras are viewed live via the company network  with the IT provider allowing access to the network video recorder. A slave monitor allows for continuous or spot viewing of issues around the site.  Recorded footage is  stored for 30 days.

Within days of the CCTV installation anomalies were spotted in working practices through staff monitoring using the new system. This led to a series of staff review meetings being held which led to disciplinary action and several dismissals from the company.

Significant Loss Value Resolved

The interviews led to a realisation that thieving in an organized way had been happening at the company for several years involving the majority of the long serving and trusted staff members. The total figure calculated that it had cost the company was in excess of $800,000.

Repeated experience shows us that unfortunately the most likely people to bankrupt a company are often the most trusted and long serving staff members. These people get into a position of trust and can work against the company who are paying them.

In this instance we were able to help the company find these people through a staff monitoring security solution and deal with them, ensuring the honest members of staff still had a future and a job with the company.

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