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How Many CCTV Cameras Do I Need for My Home?

Ever wondered, "How many security cameras do you really need?" Well, you're not alone.

In today's world, ensuring the safety of our homes is a top priority for many of us. That's why a lot of people are opting for security cameras to give them peace of mind. Did you know that the chances of a burglary happening in homes with visible security cameras are 31% lower in New Zealand? This is what researchers at the University of Canterbury have found.

However, a lot of people who don't currently have security cameras installed are interested in getting them. In fact, it's been found that 80% of those without cameras would consider installing them if they knew how many they actually needed.

This blog aims to serve as your home security guide by providing you with essential information and insights. Get ready for a reality check:

How many CCTV cameras do you really need?

Finding the ideal number of CCTV cameras is essential for a successful home security system. Although the ideal number can vary depending on personal preferences, the size and design of the property, and other factors, most experts and homeowners agree that most homes achieve an ideal balance between two and six CCTV cameras. 

Where do you need CCTV cameras?

Where you place your CCTV camera is as crucial as the number of cameras you install. Evaluate your home security by ensuring that your CCTV camera systems are appropriately installed in these best locations for security cameras.

Obvious Points of Entry

Points of Entry cctv camera placement

Install security cameras strategically at critical entrance points, focusing on ground-floor doors and windows, as well as any side or back doors. Burglars often target entry points that appear concealed to avoid drawing attention. The front and rear doors, which are the most obvious points of entry, allow thieves to approach comfortably without raising suspicion from spectators.

While trying to enter through a ground-floor window may draw attention, windows on the side of the house are sometimes partially covered and become the next target if doors prove difficult to open. Start by planning your outdoor cameras to cover all ground-floor windows and doors. This is an excellent starting point for guaranteeing coverage of crucial locations.

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Garages and Driveways

Garages and Driveways camera placement

Secure your property by expanding security camera coverage to include garages and driveways, which are potential access sites for intruders. Cars and garages are appealing targets for thieves, who are frequently left defenceless with open automobiles and expensive stuff within garages such as tools and sports gear. 

The apparent lower danger of burgling a car or garage, due to fewer chances of encountering inhabitants or barking dogs, makes these areas more appealing to burglars.

Prioritise the installation of security cameras in driveways and garages, particularly if the garage is attached to the residence. This direct entrance route is frequently ignored because residents may not properly secure the door between the garage and the house. Beyond access doors, strategically placing cameras in these important spots protects valuable goods, cars, and the overall security of your property.

Front and Back Garden

Front and Back Garden cctv camera placement

Security cameras have the essential benefit of giving you time to examine and resolve possible issues. Increase this advantage by planning security camera placement that covers both the front and back garden areas. These cameras provide an early warning system, informing you if someone is approaching your windows or front door.

Effectively monitoring the back garden, especially when accompanied by motion sensor lighting or equipped with night vision capabilities, deters undetected burglars and may lead them to seek different targets.

Another significant advantage is the ability to keep an eye on children playing outside or check your pet's activity without having to continuously go outside. Strategically putting cameras in garden areas improves both security and convenience, resulting in a comprehensive surveillance system for your property.

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Benefits of Outdoor Camera Placement

Here are the benefits that will make you seriously consider installing CCTV cameras for a comprehensive and effective security solution:

Benefits of Outdoor Camera Placement

The benefits of outdoor cameras go far beyond traditional security measures. Investing in CCTV cameras for your house not only strengthens your defences against prospective dangers but also provides a useful tool for proactive surveillance and incident documentation. Consider installing outdoor cameras to make your home more secure—a decision that will provide you with peace of mind and unquestionable value.


We hope that this blog has provided you with useful information for setting up an effective home security system.

In conclusion, finding the right balance of CCTV camera system for your home involves considering both the number of cameras and their strategic placement. By targeting important entrance points, garages, driveways, and outside areas, you can build a comprehensive CCTV camera system that improves both security and convenience.

Do you want to strengthen your home's security? Explore our website to get expert guidance and superior security solutions. Your safety is our top priority.

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