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Security Advice: Can Analogue And HD CCTV Work Together?

With the debate on the merits of analogue versus High Definition IP cameras showing no sign of going away, it’s understandable that many people are still concerned about installing new High Definition cameras or upgrading existing CCTV systems.

HD cameras give great pictures for identification purposes, but are the additional costs worth that benefit? Analogue cameras are now very cost effective but are they the right camera for every situation?

Can Analogue And HD CCTV Work Together

It’s worth remembering that whilst High Definition IP (Internet protocol) technology is being exalted as the ultimate in image quality, analogue technology is tried, tested, and still in use by the majority of end users. Analogue CCTV has long delivered acceptable results in the areas of basic staff and visitor surveillance, as well as the reduction of stock shrinkage and the monitoring of specific high risk areas. As a result of which many customers question the need to upgrade their systems to IP when their existing infrastructure supports analogue. So what is the most cost effective solution?

High Definition CCTV Identifies

One of the benefits of moving over to HD CCTV is that it enables identification, one thing analogue cameras can struggle with. However being pragmatic to the need for businesses to watch their bottom lines in the current economic conditions, it’s also possible to have analogue and High Definition cameras working together on a Hybrid CCTV system. This is where the same recorder can view and record analogue and HD cameras together on the same recorder. So key analogue cameras can be retained for use, with new HD cameras being selected for the more critical areas. Analogue cameras can produce acceptable results where the objective is to recognise people that you already know. In that instance a High Definition camera would produce a level of picture quality which may not be required

The cost effective solution?

Recording both analogue and High definition cameras on to the same Hybrid recording system can offer the best of both worlds. The use of analogue and IP cameras simultaneously is a tailor-made solution for a country like New Zealand where the small business sector is the dominant market.  SME growth will lead to the natural expansion of properties, warehouses and office space, which will in turn create a gap in existing security installations. A hybrid system, which would likely comprise of an existing CCTV analogue system and infrastructure with new HD IP cameras that would operate through a hybrid DVR, will easily bridge that gap while saving the end user a lot of money, too.

Recognition and Identification

So for owners of existing analogue systems, whose DVRs need replacing due to functionality problems or insufficient recording space, it can sometimes be  a good idea to opt for a hybrid DVR and retain  some of your existing analogue cameras for recogntion purposes. Then, by adding additional High Definition cameras that produce crisper, higher resolution pictures as a result of the improved technology the sharpness is then available required to help identify strangers and vehicle number plates too. And because IP High Definition quality is constantly being improved, one can look ­forward to the ever-increasing ­quality of facial recognition and other video analytics to assist in identification.

In summary

  1. High Definition are the camera of choice where identification is essential. They can even reuse your existing coaxial cable.
  2. Cost effective analogue cameras can be used as infill cameras or in areas where recognition as opposed to identification is deemed acceptable
  3. Both High Definition and your existing analogue cameras can be connected to the same” hybrid” recorder for live, recorded and off site viewing.
  4. It is possible to have a cost effective CCTV system that utilises old and new technology together.

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