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The Ultimate Guide to Security Cameras

The Ultimate Guide to Security Cameras- The best thing you can do for your family and home is make them feel secure. Guarding your home with security appliances helps avoid accidents, robbery, and protection from theft and intruders. Whenever it comes to home security, security cameras always tend to be the first installation and a good start.

From a crowd of available options in the market, security cameras  come in several varieties ranging from CCTV to DVR. What if we tell you that mounting a security camera at your doorstep is not enough and requires more proper information?  Yes, you heard us right. With an enormous number of brands claiming to be the best manufacturer of the device, not all come under the umbrella of reliability.

Therefore we bring you the ultimate guide on security cameras in Auckland so that you can make an informed decision. What are security cameras? Are security cameras the same as surveillance cameras? Security cameras are a new-age monitoring system that is equipped with multiple features including night vision, a two-way talking system,  alarms, smartphone control, motion detection and more. Surveillance cameras on the other hand are meant only to monitor and are often hidden from an obvious perspective. For a deeper understanding of surveillance cameras, you can read our article on What's the difference between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras?

Why is it important to have a security camera?

The Ultimate Guide to Security Cameras

With an increase in crime rates, the security of your family and business also comes into question. However, the requirement always depends on the space. Your business and family need a constant check to avoid getting exposed to intruders, animals, accidents and crimes. Security cameras in such situations play a befitting role by allowing constant access even if you are not physically present. Even if you could not prevent the crime or accident you can later catch the culprits or cause. So if it were not cameras how could one ever know what happened? Discover how CCTV cameras play a crucial role in commercial spaces. Camera footage helps in the detailed investigation of an unfortunate case of a mishap.

How many security cameras do I need?

Number of security cameras we need

The amount of cameras you need for your space depends on how large it is. However,  we recommend that you get a camera installed at your main entrance and backyard. A camera in the baby room and the hallway near the kitchen is also a better way to sidestep accidents. While in the case of an apartment, a camera at ground level so you can easily monitor the foothold is also a must. Usually, residential authorities take care of that. But you can install a camera at your door to keep a check on visitors. If you're wondering about the ideal number of cameras, our article on How CCTV Cameras Can Reduce Workplace Theft provides valuable insights.

What type of security camera do I need?

What type of security camera do I need?

The types and variety of security cameras in Auckland offer several features making it difficult to make any particular choice. The types, shapes, uses, and sources all are important factors that you need to look into. An indoor camera is designed for indoors and can work in dim lights whereas outdoor cameras are designed with night vision technology and are made sturdy to survive different weather conditions.

Most cameras operate on batteries, while some run on Wi-Fi and some need a 24*7 power supply. Cameras also come with a recording system so you can either live view at your phone screen, get the footage recorded in a memory chip or set the settings to receive footage on the cloud. So whenever you are making a choice always remember to prioritise these things:

  • Connectivity
  • Resolution
  • Durability
  • Sound recording and viewing

If making a choice is becoming difficult for you contact All Around Security in Auckland,  whose experts will guide you all through the process depending on your space budget and requirements.

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