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5 Reasons Why Every Home in Auckland Needs a CCTV Camera System

Auckland, the City of Sails, offers a dynamic lifestyle near breathtaking scenery. But let's be honest—unwanted guests do happen even in paradise. 

A CCTV camera system might be the solution for your concerns regarding break-ins, watching over your pets while you're away, or just making sure you have peace of mind. 

Before you shrug it off as "just for luxury houses," let us lay out the details. Did you know that, according to the national average, Auckland has 30% higher burglary rates? That's a frightening number that emphasises the value of preventative security measures.

Reasons Why Every Home in Auckland Needs a CCTV Camera System

This blog aims to be a helpful resource when deciding whether or not a CCTV system is right for your house.

Understanding the Need: Auckland's Security Landscape

It is not possible to overestimate the importance of security measures like the CCTV camera system given Auckland's rising population and alarming crime statistics. Let's look at five solid reasons why every Auckland home should consider incorporating this CCTV camera security system.

Reason 1: Deterrence


It is important to feel safe and comfortable in your own home. Unfortunately, Auckland hasn't been immune to its share of crime. Using the most recent data from the New Zealand Police for the year that ends in June 2023, in the Auckland City District alone, there were 8,903 residential burglaries, or around 24 burglaries each day. 

There was an increase in robberies as well; 2,225 incidents were reported during that time. The good news is that studies have shown that visible CCTV systems can discourage offenders by as much as 80%, even though these figures may seem intimidating.

Yes, just placing cameras in strategic locations around your house will greatly lower the likelihood that you will become a victim.

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Reason 2: Enhanced Security

Enhanced your security

CCTV systems do more than only deter potential burglars; they also provide extensive surveillance capabilities, allowing you to watch your property at all times. With the ability to check your home from anywhere at any time, these systems offer unparalleled peace of mind, whether you're at home or away.

Through the use of smartphone apps for remote access, you can effortlessly track your property around the clock, protecting your belongings and your loved ones. An extra degree of security and comfort is offered by being able to keep an eye on your property, whether you're at work, on vacation, or just out for the evening. 

Reason 3: Gathering Evidence

Gathering Evidence with cctv

While the hope is never to need it, having a CCTV camera system set up can be helpful if you ever become the victim of crime. Recorded videos can offer vital evidence that helps in the identification and capture of offenders by law enforcement.

The Auckland City Council promotes the responsible use of home security systems and acknowledges the advantages of CCTV in preventing crime. Remember that having clear and thorough footage can greatly improve the odds of bringing perpetrators to justice.

Reason 4: Insurance Benefits

Insurance Benefits

Did you know that the benefits of home insurance could be enhanced by owning a CCTV system? Realising that homeowners with security systems have a lower chance of break-ins and can potentially resolve claims more quickly when they have solid proof, several insurance providers provide their customers with discounts. 

It's always a good idea to get in touch with the insurance provider to find out about any possible savings and the specific requirements for CCTV camera systems that qualify. It's a win-win scenario that gives Auckland homeowners an additional degree of financial stability.

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Reason 5: Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind with the help of cctv

Ultimately, the most important benefit of having a CCTV camera system in your Auckland home is the peace of mind it brings. A genuinely precious sense of security is gained from knowing that your home is constantly being watched. You know that your home is safe and secure whether you're at work, on vacation, or just getting a good night's sleep. 

That's the full potential of a CCTV camera system. It goes beyond basic security features and provides an environment for your peace of mind. Knowing that your home is being closely tracked and is ready to notify you of any suspicious activity lets you be fully present at the moment.


We hope that this blog has helped you understand why having a CCTV camera system in your Auckland home is a wise investment. The benefits are obvious, ranging from peace of mind to preventing invaders. 

Thus, consider this: Is your house as safe as it can be?

If not, it could be time to think about making a CCTV system purchase. After all, you can never be too careful when it comes to safeguarding your loved ones and property.

Ready to take the next step towards securing your home? To find out more about the advantages of a CCTV camera system for your Auckland property, get in touch with us right now at  0800 42 55 76. Don't wait until it's too late; start protecting your family and home today!

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