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How to check your home from anywhere, anytime?

Forget about looking out the window and wishing you were home. You can keep your property safe and secure no matter where you are in the world by remotely viewing your home CCTV cameras on a smartphone, tablet or laptop

When you think about it, you can make sure that the things that are most important to you are safe even when you are not there. CCTV cameras allow you to keep a check on your house from anywhere in the world. And the demand for this technology is increasing. 

According to a recent study conducted by Statista, the security market in New Zealand is set for significant growth, with projected revenue expected to reach a significant amount of NZ$39.06 million by the year 2024. 

This increase in revenue is due to the growing demand for advanced surveillance systems, which is being driven by the urgent need to address and combat the country's rising crime rate. The findings highlight a turning point for New Zealand's security industry as new solutions become increasingly important in protecting communities and responding proactively to the changing threats to public safety.

Why does having CCTV cameras at home matter?

Why does having CCTV cameras at home matter

Surveillance cameras are the guardians of the home security sector; they are a powerful deterrent against possible intruders and an excellent way to improve the general safety of your home. 

In the face of rising crime statistics in New Zealand, careful analysis reveals an interesting trend: the majority of burglars are statistically more likely to be males under the age of 25. Amateurs, motivated by desperation, account for a staggering 85% of break-ins. 

This specific profile adds a nuanced aspect to the case, implying that these individuals, motivated by terrible circumstances, may provide an increased level of unpredictability and risk. Understanding the demographics and reasons driving these crimes is essential for developing successful tactics to address the underlying causes and improve public safety.

3 Most Common Offence Types in New Zealand

  1. In 2021, the most common criminal category was harassment and threatening behaviour, followed by burglary and deception. According to the data, there were 306,000 harassing and threatening conduct charges, accounting for 18% of all violations.
  2. Burglary was both the second most prevalent offence and the most common household offence. Over the preceding year, there were 289,000 burglaries or 17% of all incidents.
  3. Fraud and deception were the third most common crime category. This type of infraction accounted for 17% of all offences in the previous 12 months, with approximately 288,000 of them.

Amid the recent surge in criminal activity in New Zealand, residents are encouraged to take proactive measures to protect their homes. Installing CCTV cameras around your home acts as a strategic deterrent to potential burglars and criminals, delivering the unmistakable message that your property is under constant surveillance.

These cameras not only observe but also record any unauthorised activity, encouraging a sense of awareness and readiness that adds to a safer and more secure environment. By obviously fortifying against criminal intent, homeowners gain peace of mind, knowing that their dedication to increased safety not only deters potential threats but also provides valuable evidence in case of undesirable incidents.

Choosing the Right Camera

Choosing the right CCTV camera is essential to setting up a strong home security system. Having high-definition CCTV cameras guarantees that clear images are captured, making it easier to identify possible threats. High-resolution CCTV recordings serve as both a deterrent and a valuable asset in the event of an incident, transforming your home into a well-monitored fortress.

Moreover, night vision features are essential for maintaining continuous recording even in dimly lit areas, which are now common in modern CCTV cameras. It's important to remember that the choice of CCTV cameras is based on the particular requirements of homeowners, taking into account things like the size of the property, particular surveillance demands, and financial limitations. By customising the option to suit specific demands, homeowners can choose a CCTV system that is both efficient and optimal for security and peace of mind.

Benefits of CCTV Camera Systems

Home security has undergone a significant transformation because of the development of CCTV camera systems, which has given homeowners unprecedented convenience and control. Here are eight compelling reasons to go for CCTV camera systems.

Benefits of CCTV Camera Systems

Stay connected to your home at all times, whether you're at work, on vacation, or away from home. With these benefits, you can enjoy the convenience and security of the future of CCTV cameras. Embrace this technology and gain peace of mind in your daily life.

Knowing how a CCTV camera system can protect your house from anywhere at any time is a great start, but the next big choice is whether to hire a professional installer or do the installation yourself.

It's crucial to take your specific needs and tastes into account before making this decision. Though each option has advantages, the choice ultimately comes down to what suits you the best. After all, choosing the right installation method is essential to guaranteeing your home's protection.


We hope that this blog has given you insightful knowledge that will enable you to make wise decisions about protecting the things that are most important to you. 

Taking preventative measures is essential to building a secure haven for your loved ones in a world where security is of utmost importance.
As you ponder the safety of your family and your cherished belongings, consider exploring the tailored solutions offered by All Round Security. Your peace of mind is guaranteed by our dedication to providing expert installation and continuous assistance.

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