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5 Tips to Prevent Unauthorised Access to Commercial CCTV Feeds

Are you someone who values the security of your commercial property but worries about unauthorised access to your CCTV footage? 

Maintaining the integrity and privacy of your business's surveillance system is essential in this digital age. With illegal access to CCTV footage becoming more common, safeguarding your business from potential breaches is necessary. 

Did you know that over 60% of businesses have had security breaches, according to startling results from recent studies done in Auckland, New Zealand?

As a vigilant property owner or manager, you are aware of the potential risks associated with unauthorised access to your CCTV footage. These breaches might jeopardise not just your privacy but also the general security of your property.

In this blog, we explore the topic of commercial CCTV security and provide five professional suggestions to strengthen your defences against unwanted entry and protect the integrity of your property's surveillance.

5 Tips to Prevent Unauthorised Access to Commercial CCTV Footage

Typically, a commercial CCTV system consists of a network connection for remote monitoring, a recording device, and cameras. The majority of systems use multiple security layers to protect footage, although their exact setup may differ. 

Here are five key measures to prioritise:

5 Tips to Prevent Unauthorised Access to Commercial CCTV Footage

1. Strong Passwords 

CCTV Strong Passwords

Although it may seem obvious, you'd be shocked at how many people don't realise how powerful a strong password can be. The golden guideline is to never include information that may be easily guessed, such as pet names, birthdays, or anniversaries. 

Use a mix of capital and lowercase characters, digits, and symbols as an alternative. If you want to create and keep complicated passwords for all of your accounts and devices, think about using a password manager.

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2. Consider Using VPN

Using VPN for your security cameram

Using a VPN (virtual private network) is a more secure method to stop hackers from getting personal information. It helps establish an end-to-end encrypted connection between devices and a network, providing the highest level of security. 

A connection is still made between the camera and the network when accessing CCTV cameras remotely; encryption makes this process unbreakable and invisible.

Adding a VPN can provide additional protection for your CCTV system. VPNs protect internet traffic from hackers and other eavesdroppers by encrypting it. A secure tunnel is created when you route your CCTV footage via a VPN, improving secrecy and blocking efforts by unauthorised users to access it. 

3. Secure Your Network Infrastructure

Secure Your Network Infrastructure for CCTV

Securing your network infrastructure is another essential component of keeping your CCTV footage secure. This means setting up firewalls, switches, and routers to successfully block attempts at unauthorised access. 

Network segmentation is also essential since it separates CCTV equipment from other systems and lessens the effect of possible breaches. It's also important to keep a close eye on network traffic in case there are any indications of questionable activities. 

4. Limit Access Permissions

CCTV Limit Access Permissions

Limiting access permissions is equally important for strengthening the security of your CCTV footage. You reduce the danger of unauthorised people altering or seeing private video by limiting access to authorised personnel only.

By guaranteeing that each person is given access based on their unique job and responsibilities, role-based access management further improves security. Maintaining an untouchable safety precaution requires routinely monitoring and changing access permissions to reflect changes in personnel or organisational structure.

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5. Regularly Update Firmware and Software

CCTV Regularly Update Firmware and Software

Regular software upgrades are necessary for your CCTV system, just like they are for your computer or smartphone. These upgrades frequently include important security patches that fix loopholes that hackers have taken advantage of. 

Develop the routine of scheduling automatic system updates or setting up reminders to update your system manually. By quickly installing updates as soon as they're released and having CCTV system maintenance performed regularly, you can guarantee that your CCTV equipment is running the most recent security patches and problem fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions from business owners about preventing unauthorized access to commercial CCTV footage.

1: How often should I update my CCTV system?

To guarantee that the most recent security updates and improvements are implemented, it is advised that you upgrade the firmware and software of your CCTV system on a regular basis. 

2: How can I detect if someone has hacked into my CCTV system?

A number of indicators, such as a sudden change in settings or configurations, strange network activity, or anomalies in recorded footage, could point to unauthorised access to your CCTV system.

3: What if I forget my CCTV system password?

The majority of CCTV system manufacturers offer a reset procedure, though the exact method for recovering a forgotten password may differ. For detailed instructions on changing your password or troubleshooting your CCTV system, go to the user manual that came with your system or get in touch with the manufacturer's support staff.


We hope that this blog has given you useful knowledge and doable solutions to protect your commercial CCTV footage from unauthorised access. You can safeguard the safety of your workers, clients, and property by putting strong security measures in place and being on the lookout for any dangers.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 800 42 55 76 if you have any more enquiries or would like to look into additional security solutions for your company.

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