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Best Places to Install CCTV Cameras at Home

Securing your home with a reliable camera system is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of your household. However, where you place those cameras will have a big impact on how successful your security system is.

Your home has various entry points, potential blind spots, and areas of vulnerability. A meticulously planned CCTV camera placement strategy addresses these considerations, leaving no room for unnoticed activity.

In this blog, we'll examine the details of maximising your home security CCTV camera system.

7 Strategic Places to Install CCTV Cameras at Home

Choosing the right camera is important, but so is placing it strategically. Explore these 7 strategic camera placements to enhance your home security.

1. Entry points

entry point Strategic Camera Placements

For basic CCTV installation, position security cameras at entry points like front and back doors to ensure clear visibility, capturing faces and potential threats. Installing the cameras at a height that makes it possible to capture clear footage of the faces of potential invaders is ideal.

Often, a potential thief will knock on your door to see if anyone is in. If you walk in and open the door, they will have a purpose for doing so, such as looking for their dog. Other intruders are less discrete, and they will kick in the front door whether or not anyone is home. Hence, the CCTV cameras must capture high-quality images.

2. Garage and Driveway

Perimeter Monitoring cctv camera

Recognising that garages and driveways often serve as common entry points for potential burglars, it's essential to reinforce your security measures in these areas. By incorporating surveillance in front of your garage and along your driveway, you get the capacity to closely check not only your vehicles but also any potential suspicious activity in these critical areas.

Consider adding motion-activated lights to your installed CCTV cameras to strengthen your security setup even more. In addition to alerting you to any activity, the sudden lighting by motion can frighten and discourage possible intruders. This extra layer of security reinforces your overall home security strategy.

3. Back Garden and Sides of the House

Back Garden and Sides of the House cctv camera

It's important not to overlook the often underestimated exposure of the back garden and sides of the house when it comes to home security. Install CCTV cameras that carefully cover these areas so that you can establish a comprehensive security strategy that protects your home's front and back.

These additional outdoor camera placements serve a broad purpose beyond security. Apart from discouraging potential intruders, keeping a close check on the back garden is essential for guaranteeing the safety and well-being of pets. Additionally, it gives you the ability to keep an eye on your kids' outdoor activities, which adds another level of peace of mind.

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4. Patio Doors and Windows

Backyard and Side Yards Strategic Camera Placements

The patio doors and windows are frequently the weakest points in a home's defence against burglars. If these areas are not secured, burglars will have easy access to them. As a consequence, it becomes essential to install security CCTV cameras that check these entrance points. 

Choose high-resolution CCTV cameras with wide-angle perspectives to provide complete coverage. By securing these sensitive areas, you can detect any unusual activity and take immediate action to prevent unauthorised entry.

5. Approaches to the House

house front cctv camera

The approaches to your home, which include driveways, pathways, and entry gates, are ideal locations for installing security CCTV cameras. These CCTV cameras act as the first line of defence, detecting potential dangers to your property as soon as they arrive. 

Consider putting cameras in key locations to capture clear footage of anyone approaching your property. Checking the approaches to your home allows you to spot any unauthorised individuals or vehicles and notify the authorities if necessary.

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6. Areas Next to Public Walkways

Public Walkways cctv camera

Homes near public sidewalks or roadways are more vulnerable to external threats. Installing CCTV cameras to track these areas can help discourage criminal activity and maintain the safety of your property. Focus on obtaining clear video footage of any activity on public sidewalks, particularly suspicious individuals or vehicles passing by. 

Choose weatherproof CCTV cameras with vandal-resistant characteristics to endure outdoor environments and probable tampering. Integrating these cameras into your complete security system gives you a thorough view of your home's surroundings.

7. Sleep Outs

Sleep Outs area cctv camera

Sleep-outs, sometimes known as guest houses or independent living quarters, are becoming more common in residential residences. However, if not tracked, they might become exposed to security concerns.

Installing CCTV cameras around sleepouts adds an extra degree of security for both residents and goods. This added surveillance can deter potential burglars while also providing crucial proof in the event of a security breach.


In conclusion, knowing the best security camera placement is crucial for maximising home security. You can design a complete CCTV camera system that gives you peace of mind by carefully taking into account the important factors listed above.

To guarantee that your house continues to be a safe sanctuary for you and your family, make quality CCTV camera investments and keep up with the latest developments in security technology.

Keep in mind that knowing where to install CCTV cameras at home is a proactive measure towards a more secure home, not just a deterrent.

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