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CCTV Cameras For A Building Site

The customer for this building site in Howick called us after concerns about people climbing over the external fence and wandering around the site even in the Level 4 lock down. He wanted to be able to view the fence line to capture and record any one up to no good. He also wanted to be able to do this on his smartphone 24 hours a day from where ever he was.

Our 5 megapixel Turret camera was perfect for this situation due to its excellent day time pictures and fantastic starlight capability at night.  We assessed the site together with the customer and agreed the best outcome.  The decision was to site two 5 Megapixel cameras  positioned at high level as they would then give the best views of the fence line. These cameras will keep all recorded footage  stored for 3- 4 weeks at a time. The footage can be downloaded onto a USB stick and handed to the Police.

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The while CCTV system was installed in under a day and the smartphone app set up on the customers smartphone to enable viewing 24 hours a day. The pictures below show both day and night views of the front of the building site.

Uniview CCTV

Uniview is a market leader for  CCTV systems and now is placed 4th for  the worldwide global share of CCTV equipment. Their goal is to help provide a safer world by with reliable and cutting-edge products and services.

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