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Uniview 180° Security Camera – Testing & Review

Have you ever felt like you needed eyes in the back of your head, particularly regarding security? 

Traditional security cameras have a good field of view, but what if you want to cover a wider area? This is where 180-degree security cameras come in.

Recognising the need for increased security measures is the first step towards protecting your premises. Recent figures suggest a huge increase in property-related crimes, making investing in dependable security solutions more critical than ever.

A 180° security camera, with nearly twice the viewing angle of typical 2.8mm lens cameras, provides an appealing alternative. 

But where exactly does this camera fit in, and how does it compare to traditional security cameras?

This blog aims to provide factual insights into the Uniview 180° security camera. 

Uniview 180° Security Camera – Testing & Review

Uniview 180° Security Camera – Testing & Review

Uniview has launched a range of 180° panoramic security cameras, which have nearly double the viewing angle of a regular camera. But where specifically can you utilise these amazing wide-angle cameras?

Ideal Uses for a 180° Security Camera

A 180° security camera has nearly double the viewing angle of traditional 2.8mm lens cameras, making it a great choice for a variety of applications.

  • Building Lobbies/Vestibules: Typically small spaces with several points of entrance, lobbies can be difficult to safeguard. A 180° camera avoids blind spots by capturing the complete scene, from entryway to directory.
Building Lobbies/Vestibules
  • Store Aisles: Standard security cameras might struggle to capture the entirety of long store aisles. A 180° camera provides a clear view from one end to the other, reducing theft and damage.
Store Aisles
  • Parking Lots: Traditionally, securing a parking lot requires many cameras. A 180° camera's vast vision allows you to monitor everything in the area from a single strategically placed device.
Parking Lots

Image Snapshots

To give you a better idea of the Uniview 180° camera's capabilities, we've included snapshots from our wide-angle camera positioned in a parking lot. As you can see, the image quality is still sharp and detailed, providing a thorough perspective of the entire area.

180° Camera vs. Traditional Cameras

There are always pros and cons to consider, and 180° security cameras are no different. Let us compare them to typical fixed-lens cameras so you can make an informed choice.

180° Camera vs. Traditional Cameras

The particular security requirements will determine whether to use a 180° CCTV camera or a traditional CCTV camera. A 180° camera is great for providing extensive coverage while using minimal equipment and reducing blind spots. 

On the contrary, ordinary CCTV cameras excel at targeted monitoring, providing high detail in specified areas. The decision should be based on your security strategy's balance of broad coverage versus detailed observation.

When comparing these two concepts, remember:

  • Wider angles cover more area but reduce detail when zooming in.
  • Wider angles can also cause barrel distortion, making the image appear rounded at the edges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions from homeowners and business owners about the Uniview 180° Security Camera.

1: Do Uniview 180° cameras work well at night?

Absolutely! These cameras have exceptional low-light performance, resulting in crisp footage even at night.

2: Can I install a 180° camera myself?

While certain types are DIY-friendly, it is always best to consult a security professional for appropriate installation and configuration.

3: What are the weatherproof ratings for these cameras?

Uniview 180° cameras typically carry an IP67 weatherproof rating, making them suitable for outdoor use.


We hope this blog has provided you with insight into the Uniview 180° security camera and its potential to transform your security strategy. 

With its wide viewing angle and creative features, it highlights improvements in security technology, meeting the demands of both homeowners and business owners.

If you're interested in learning more about the Uniview 180° security cameras and how they can benefit your home or business, contact us at 0800 425 576.

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