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2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera

Have you ever wondered how businesses in Auckland, New Zealand (and around the world) are keeping their properties secure? 

Today, more than ever, business safety is a top priority; therefore, having a dependable and efficient CCTV camera is important. CCTV cameras are more than just event recorders; they are key parts of a comprehensive security strategy that improves safety, discourages illegal activity, and supplies crucial proof when needed.

Businesses in New Zealand face a wide range of security challenges, including burglary, vandalism, and threats. According to statistics, installing efficient CCTV systems can reduce criminal activity on business properties by up to 70%. 

This statistic emphasises how crucial it is to select the appropriate technology to protect business properties.

This blog aims to give company owners like you in-depth information about the 2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera, one of the top security cameras available. 

2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera: A Breakdown

Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera

The 2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera is a great option for a variety of business settings because of its excellent imaging capabilities and strong performance.

Here's a breakdown of what makes this camera stand out:

features of 2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera
  1. Crystal-Clear Images: Don't settle for grainy footage! You can see every detail, even during fast-paced activity, thanks to this camera's high-quality 2MP, 1/1.8" CMOS sensor, which captures bright, sharp photos at 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60 frames per second (fps) in the primary stream. 
  1. Exceptional Zoom Capability: You can see far and wide due to the powerful 45x optical zoom. Whether it's your wide storefront or your parking lot, you can easily monitor large areas. 
  1. Lighthunter Technology: Say goodbye to blurry nighttime footage. Lighthunter technology guarantees exceptional image quality even in low-light conditions. This is ideal for businesses that operate late hours or have dimly lit areas.
  1. Smart IR Illumination: This camera features smart infrared illumination, automatically adapting the IR intensity based on the scene. This provides a remarkable infrared distance of up to 250 metres (820 feet), eliminating image washout and guaranteeing clear night vision footage regardless of distance.
  1. Flexible Video Compression: Ultra 265, H.265, H.264, and MJPEG are just a few of the video compression options available with this camera. This enables you to select the optimal compression format according to your requirements for network bandwidth and storage capacity.
  1. Advanced Intelligence: This camera has smart intrusion prevention features, such as filtering out false alarms for events like crossing a line, intrusion, or entering or leaving a designated area. To facilitate face detection even in veiled areas, it even offers face capture with automatic selection of the best photos. People counting also gives you useful statistical information by allowing you to track client flow and crowd density.
  1. All-Weather Durability: The weather resistance of this camera is built in. It is dust-tight and shielded from strong water jets thanks to its IP66 ingress protection grade.
  1. Versatile Power Options: For optimal installation flexibility, the camera offers three power supply options: PoE++ (IEEE 802.3bt), DC 24V±25%, and AC 24V±25%.
  1. Comprehensive Connectivity: This network camera connects to your network for remote viewing and recording. Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can view playback records and live video from any location at any time.

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Benefits of the 2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera

The features of this camera translate into a multitude of benefits for your business. Here are just a few:

Benefits of the 2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera
  1. Enhanced Deterrence: A security camera that is visible serves as a powerful deterrent to crime. A business that has a powerful camera system installed is less likely to become the target of potential intruders.
  1. Better Monitoring: You can efficiently watch wide areas with the 45x zoom and PTZ features. From entrances and exits to remote storage locations, you can monitor every inch of your property.
  1. Enhanced Security: You can record any suspicious activity with clarity due to the high-resolution photos and outstanding night vision. These important pieces of evidence can help law enforcement find the criminals.
  1. Peace of Mind: You can concentrate on what really matters, which is managing your business, knowing that it is well protected. Remote access to records and live footage adds another degree of peace of mind.
  1. Reduced Costs: Security cameras can help deter theft and vandalism, resulting in reduced insurance premiums. Furthermore, in the long term, being able to recognise and capture burglars could save your business money.

Comparing the 2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera with other Traditional CCTV Cameras

It's important to know how different cameras compare to one another when thinking about upgrading your security system. Compared with traditional security cameras, the 2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera has several advantages, especially when it comes to zoom, low-light performance, and analytics.

We have included a condensed comparison table below to help you understand these differences:

Comparing the 2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera with other Traditional CCTV Cameras

The 2MP 45X Lighthunter camera is a better choice for comprehensive security installations requiring thorough monitoring and durable performance in a variety of settings because of its superior performance in important areas like resolution, frame rate, and environmental durability, as this table illustrates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions from homeowners and business owners about the 2MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera.

1. What benefits does the 45X optical zoom offer?

The 45X optical zoom provides detailed views of distant objects, making it ideal for monitoring large areas such as parking lots or public spaces without sacrificing image quality.

2. What does the IP66 rating mean for installation locations?

The IP66 rating means that the camera is resistant to dust and strong rain, so it can be installed outside and in other harsh settings without worrying about weather damage.

3. How does Lighthunter technology improve low-light surveillance?

Lighthunter technology ensures efficient surveillance even at night or in dimly lit areas by employing a larger sensor and sophisticated algorithms to improve image clarity and detail in low-light situations.


We hope that this blog served to help you understand the significant advantages of choosing the MP 45X Lighthunter IR Network PTZ Dome Camera over traditional security cameras. 

The Uniview camera is engineered to satisfy the complex requirements of today's business security, thanks to its excellent imaging, advanced low-light technology, and strong environmental protection.

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