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Uniview 2MP Starlight License Plate Recognition (LPR) IR Bullet Camera 

Have you ever considered how much safer your property could be if you had the right security camera?

In Auckland, New Zealand, the high rate of property crime drives businesses and residential owners to look for reliable security systems. Protecting your belongings and loved ones should be your priority, whether you're an Auckland homeowner or a business owner trying to increase security.

Statistics show that a visible security system can deter up to 60% of break-ins. But what if you require more than a mere deterrent? What would happen if you wanted a system that could actively recognise possible dangers? 

The Uniview 2MP Starlight License Plate Recognition (LPR) IR Bullet Camera fills that need. Beyond mere surveillance, this durable security camera has functions made especially to increase your safety.

This blog is intended to be your one-stop shop for all things Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera. We'll go into the specifics, examine its features, and address any quick questions you may have.

Why Consider the Uniview 2MP Starlight License Plate Recognition (LPR) IR Bullet Camera?

The Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera has a unique combination of features that make it perfect for various security applications. Here's a closer look at what sets it apart:

Why Consider the Uniview 2MP Starlight License Plate Recognition (LPR) IR Bullet Camera
  1. Megapixel Resolution: This camera records clear, sharp video in 1920 x 1080 resolution thanks to its 2MP image sensor. Even in dimly lit areas, it is simple to identify objects and people because of this high definition.
  1. Starlight Technology: Say goodbye to grainy night vision cameras! The Starlight technology makes use of an extremely sensitive sensor that performs best in dimly lit areas. This eliminates the need for excessive infrared lighting, which can wash out details, and guarantees crisp, detailed visuals even at night.
  1. License Plate Recognition (LPR): This is where things get fascinating. Advanced LPR technology built into the camera enables it to automatically read and recognise license plates from passing cars. This feature is very helpful for monitoring traffic flow, securing parking lots, and access-controlled locations.
  1. Infrared Illumination: The camera has infrared (IR) illuminators built-in for situations in total darkness. These LEDs give off a subtle evening light, making it possible for the camera to take sharp pictures even in complete darkness.
  1. Weatherproof Design: Built to withstand the elements, the Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera features an IP67 weatherproof rating. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and guarantees dependable performance in rain, snow, sleet, and high temperatures.
  1. Flexible Installation: The bullet-style form of the camera makes it possible to attach it in a variety of ways to walls, ceilings, or other safe places. Some models also have motorised zoom lenses, so you can change the viewing angle to get the best coverage.

Benefits of Using the Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera

Adding the Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera to your security system has several benefits.

Benefits of Using the Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera
  1. Enhanced Security: The camera deters possible intruders and offers significant proof in the event of an incident thanks to its excellent image quality, LPR functionality, and strong night vision capabilities.
  1. Better Monitoring: The camera's large dynamic range and weatherproof construction provide dependable surveillance in any kind of lighting or weather.
  1. Cost-effective Solution: By lowering the need for storage, the camera's cutting-edge video compression technology minimises storage expenses.
  1. Scalability: The camera's smooth integration with current security systems enables future extensions in response to changing needs.

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Applications for the Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera

Here's a detailed breakdown of its key applications:

Applications for the Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera

1. License Plate Recognition (LPR) 

This camera's main use is for license plate recognition. It can capture and analyse car license plates in a variety of lighting settings because of its sophisticated optical and processing capabilities. For applications where precise and trustworthy license plate data are essential, such as parking lots, gated communities, and toll collection locations, this makes it perfect.

2. Traffic Monitoring 

Even in low light, the camera's high-resolution imaging and infrared capabilities allow it to monitor traffic movement efficiently. To improve road safety and effectively control traffic, it can be used on highways, at intersections, and at other important traffic locations.

3. Perimeter Security

The Uniview 2MP Starlight camera's strong build and excellent image technologies make it an excellent choice for perimeter security. It ensures 24-hour security by being able to identify and document suspicious activity outside the perimeters of buildings such as warehouses, residential communities, and industrial complexes.

4. Retail Surveillance

This camera can be used by retail establishments to monitor parking lots and outdoor store spaces. Its versatility in terms of lighting guarantees that the monitoring is operational day and night, assisting in the deterrence of theft and vandalism.

5. Public Safety

In public areas where preserving public safety is crucial, such as parks, squares, and walking paths, the camera can also be installed. Its high-quality video output helps in recognising and responding to incidents quickly and efficiently.

Expert Tips

Users can extend the life and effectiveness of their Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera by following these guidelines.

How to oncrease effectivness of Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions from Aucklanders about the Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera.

1. What is the installation process for the Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera?

The installation is straightforward, requiring only standard mounting and configuration with your existing security network. It is advised to have a professional installer to guarantee the best performance.

2. How does the Starlight technology work in low-light conditions?

Starlight technology enhances the camera's sensitivity to light, which allows it to capture vivid images in low-light conditions by using a wider aperture and advanced image processing algorithms.

3. Is remote access possible with this camera?

Yes, the camera allows for remote access using suitable software, so you can use a computer or smartphone to watch your property from anywhere.

4. What is the range of the LPR function?

Many factors, including lighting, license plate orientation, and vehicle speed, affect how effective LPR is. Nonetheless, in ideal circumstances, the Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera can normally identify license plates up to 30 metres (98 feet) away.


We hope that this blog has given you insights into how the Uniview 2MP Starlight LPR IR Bullet Camera could improve the security of your property in Auckland. It is a wise purchase for anyone wishing to improve their security measures because of its innovative capabilities and dependable operation. 

Please give us a call at 0800 425 576 if you need help setting up security systems or if you have any additional queries.

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